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Just under a quarter of travelling Australians plan their holidays around health and wellbeing as we reported earlier this month in our travel trends report over the next ten years. 

Health and Wellness retreats offer us a chance to rejuvenate from the sometimes toxic effects of everyday life allowing us an opportunity to just slow things down and get intune with our physical, emotional and psychological nourishment.  On retreat, life is simple, centres around privacy and peace and it’s less about the destination and more about the energy you can channel amongst the group.  It’s a growth area in travel as the Australian consciousness and motivations for holiday and relexation goes beyond just guilt inducing over indulgence.

This mindset is essential not only to our Health Editorial here at The Next Rush, but defines the approach of personal trainer and our health and fitness editor, Chris Walker (pictured) as he shares with us four key reasons why his retreats are so popular:


You Break Bad Habits.

With most trips away we end up picking up a few habits along the way, this can be drinking or eating a little too much and this can re enforce the ‘I’ll stop once I get back’ mentality which eventually turns into a 3-8 month challenge of you trying to motivate yourself to start eating and training again.

If you were on a health and fitness retreat you are able to continue healthy habits and come back stronger mentally and physically then when you left.


You can disconnect to reconnect.

In everyday life, we focus on our phones a little too much sometimes.   The benefits of this technology we can’t live without also comes with a negative cost on our mental health while also creating issues for us not being able to turn off and be present in the moment.

Having time on a retreat that has a technology detox can help you create a little more mindfulness in your life to help turn off and reset yourself.


You get to enjoy each moment without a hangover.

Everybody gets away and indulges in drinking at each destination but end up losing half the next day because they couldn’t get out of bed.   Essentially, you would lose a few days of your holiday if you drank a few nights in a row.

With a health and fitness retreat you wake up each morning fresh and recharged genuinely focused on making each day count.


You experience fun new activities like snorkeling.

Yes you can enjoy active events on holidays, although some of you may hold yourself back and say ”I’ll do it next time” and next time never comes around, with a retreat a list of activities is planned for you and all you need to do is enjoy the fun events planned ahead.

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