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With cross training between weightlifting, running, casual gym shoes and just playing around , there’s more that goes into choosing the right footwear than people think.  Personally,  I use Reebok Nanos as my safe haven for high impact foor protection like the new ones that were just released!  So today I’ll be comparing the pair, you know “same name, same income, different super contribution” That’s an inside joke anyway!

Deciding between the Nano X and Nano X1

Some would think this would be a no brainer, and there’s alot of debate on whether to make the switch the new improved design of the X1 or stick to the classic which is the nano x.

NANO X1Reebok Nano X1 Materials

The Flexweave

The Nano X1 uses a new Flexweave Knit for better flex and comfort while still being tough enough for the gym. A more durable variation in the Flexweave Grit,  offers a tougher, more supportive alternative for the crazy days.  The cushioning comes in lighter form in comparison to predecessor, ‘Fury Boost’.  Floatride’s innovation focuses on the midsole impact motions.

Reebok Nano X1 Cushion

Reebok Nano X1 Fit

The Fit

Aesthetic design allows easy flow from training to street style without compromising performance needs as seen in the toebox reshaping as it deviates from the flat toebox.

Reebok Nano X1 Overall


Reebok Nano X Traction

The Metasplit

From box jumping, to rope climbs I find its got a great grip and reacts to change of surface pretty well.  Range of motion ability in splay and roll is with the incorporation of flex zones that allow intricate maneouvres without diminishing traction.

Reebok Nano X Cushion

The Floatride

Reebok Nano X is stiff and solid with very little compression. This makes for a great base for heavy lifts and landings from jumps, The foam here was rumored to be Floatride, but Reebok decided to use standard EVA caged in the rubber midsole. The Nano X even worked for short runs, providing just enough protection that I didn’t feel much impact in my legs and back. The caging in the heel keeps the foam from compressing and rolling over while lifting.

The more solid Flexweave forms the base of this shoe, toughening up its predecessors – Flyknit, Primeknit, or Ultraknit. Nylon threads run through the textile upper from lateral to medial side, keeping the shoe contained on the side, while the sideways weave lets the forefoot flex more naturally. The lacing area does have a little fuse. Fairly simple but simple works.

Reebok Nano X Materials

Comfort and Support

Consistency in the series is found in the squared toebox for a few models now offering comfort to the ball of the food, though there is dead spece over the top and may be a point of annoyance depending on your expectations in comfort.   However, you’ll find a greater flexibility to other choices when weight bearing.

Reebok Nano X Fit

The midfoot is locked in using the straightforward lacing and the full-length internal sleeve, pulling the shoe up and around your foot. There are flex notches set into the lacing to help with flexibility and fit, and to help movements feel more natural. The heel is the true improvement. The higher cut on the heel and the support cage layered over the sleeve pulls your heel back into the shoe.

Reebok Nano X Support

The sole gives gives stability, without feeling too hard or rigid. The rubber caging raises up the sidewalls keeping the heel upright and also acts as the heel counter with a midfoot tie and its wider midsole preventing rollovers. The rounded medial foot cements ease of movement and superior grip.

While the Nano x caters for a allround stable and reliable cross training shoe, I do feel that the New materials, versatility, stability and general look of the Nano x1 gives it the upper hand this time around!

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