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Have you been experiencing unbearable and agonising pain in your mouth and teeth for a couple of days? Does it hurt when you bite down or when you eat and drink cold drinks?  Most people can handle pain in general; some even have a high tolerance for the sensations that pain causes.

Oral health is a critical component to overall health for all ages, but according to dental and medical experts from UConn Health, vigilance is especially critical for the elderly.  Their literature review outlined the potential complications that can arise from poor oral hygiene in older adults and cite the role of all health care professionals in working to promote good oral hygiene in this population, finding:

  • the prevalence of cavities is more than twice as high in older adults than younger adults;
  • the prevalence of periodontitis — a serious gum infection that damages the soft tissue and destroys the bone that supports your teeth — also increases with age.
  • Chronic oral infection is a recognised risk factor for heart disease, and can also lead to the spread of infection to artificial joints and endocardial implants.
Periodontitis is associated with a variety of medical conditions including cardiovascular disease and diabetes.  People with replacement heart valves and prosthetic joints should be particularly careful regarding their oral hygiene.   The manipulation of teeth and their support structures can result in bacteria present in the oral cavity being released into the bloodstream, which may lead to infections in parts of the body far removed from the oral cavity.    “Your mouth is a mirror to your body,” says co-author, Dr. Sree Raghavendra, assistant professor in the Department of Craniofacial Sciences at the UConn School of Dental Medicine.
Resulting pain in your mouth can sometime be one pain that you can not see, but you can most certainly feel.  Tooth pain can cause significant discomfort in your whole face from your ears to your eyes, nose, and especially your jaw, making it painful to eat, drink, talk or even sleep. Suppose you are or have been experiencing this type of ache for some time.  In that case, the chances are that you might have a broken, chipped, cracked, or badly decaying tooth is highly likely, which can also negatively affect the neighboring teeth sooner or later causing more extensive health problems if left unattended. 

So Please Do Not Delay And Make An Appointment With Your Dentist Today!

The Solution

The silver lining of this issue is that the troublesome tooth can be restored by having a crown implanted.

Advantages of a dental crown

Dental crowns are considered the safest and most effective procedure for covering the entire infected area or correcting a broken tooth by restoring its shape and appearance to its former natural glory!  Usually, having a dental crown implanted can take weeks for the whole procedure to be completed. But, thankfully, there is a fantastic alternative to have the implant of dental crowns in one day!

What to expect of a dental crown procedure 

The whole procedure is painless and extremely quick. First, your dentist will apply local anesthetics to numb the area, which will be prepared and then treated. So please sit back and relax while the experts do their magic! A small tip, take earphones with you when you go for your procedure and play some music to block out the external sounds.

Dental crown aftercare 

The beauty of having a dental crown implant is that there is minimal aftercare. All you need to do is still follow your regular daily oral hygiene routine, brush your teeth twice a day – morning and afternoon with fluoride toothpaste, floss at least once a day, and try to avoid eating hard and sticky foods such as toffees, nuts, apples, etc. You’ll see, it won’t take long for the slight changes to become like second nature.

The end result

Confidence. By finally getting rid of the pain and discomfort, your confidence and self-esteem will be restored better than ever.  Toothaches and pains will be a thing of the past. You will finally be able to once again smile wide and bright knowing that your teeth are taken care of!
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