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A good car dealership might seem like a myth, based on everything you’ve been told. After all, there are many traps you can fall into when it comes to buying a used car, but not every dealership you visit will try to trick you into a one-sided deal. There are plenty of authentic and reliable dealerships out there – you’ve just got to know what they look like! And with the points below, we’re here to help you sniff out the wheat from the chaff in the second hand motoring world.

They Have the Right Paperwork

Under consumer protection laws, all second hand dealerships need to run any cars they bring onto the lot through a series of tests. A good second hand dealer will have absolutely nothing to hide in the face of this! If they keep up to date with these checks, they should have all associated paperwork ready and waiting to be viewed by you, the buyer. 

If the dealer cannot produce this paperwork, or if they do and you don’t recognise the name of the checking company, be wary. There’s a chance that this dealer either doesn’t test vehicles or simply doesn’t care about the way they’re tested, and that isn’t safe for you. 

There’s Plenty of Stock

A good car dealership will also have a wide range of cars available to buy. And whilst this may initially seem like a bad thing, and you may be asking, ‘Why is no one coming here to buy?’, it’s actually a surprisingly good sign. You’re not walking into a trap if someone has a lot of cars to sell! 

In reality, it means the dealership is rotating their stock regularly, and bringing in plenty of new and old models together, to give any customers a varied range of vehicles to choose from. So why not head down to your nearest Vauxhall garage and see how their car lot matches up? 

They’re Honest About Pricing

The way a car dealership prices their vehicles can vary from company to company, but the principle remains the same. You know that if a price seems too good to be true, it usually is, but there are other pricing elements you need to keep in mind here too. 

For example, is the price on the car on the lot the same as the price you saw on the website? If not, it’s a good idea to ask why. Maybe it’s an honest mistake, but most often it’s a way to simply draw you in and then convince you to pay more later on. A good car dealership will have matching, reasonable prices, and you’ll feel comfortable striking a deal here. 

A good car dealership has a lot to offer, and that will be obvious to you when you first arrive on the scene to find a good deal. Keep the above tips in mind when you next go shopping for a second hand car, to feel comfortable in your surroundings.

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