61% of Aussies have no travel plans in the next 6 months

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Hipcamp, the world’s largest provider of outdoor stays, is on a mission to help Australians win winter by booking more nature-based holidays. The company surveyed 1,000 Australians coast-to-coast to create a clear picture of current attitudes toward camping and understand more about upcoming holiday plans.

Key findings of the Hipcamp survey:

  • Australians (really) need a holiday – Fully 61% of Australians say they have NOT booked a holiday for the next six months!
  • Australians are ‘Meh’ on Staycations – Although nearly a quarter (24%) of Australians cite staycations as the most viable holiday plan for the next six months, no one seems too excited about them.
  • Asked if they thought a staycation could ‘actually bring them joy’ in the next six months, 37.2% of Australians said ‘No’ and 31.9% said ‘Meh,’ definitively showing a combined national total of 69.1% of Australians who simply aren’t staycation inspired.

Men (48.7%) and women (51.3%) are nearly united in their mutual lack of excitement for staycations.

  • It’s actually much worse than we thought – It’s been so long since some Australians have had a ‘legit’ holiday, that over a quarter (29.3%) say that they ‘can’t remember’ the last time they actually took one.
  • Interestingly, 19% say they had a holiday just before COVID and 16.7% say their last holiday was 2 years ago, meaning a combined total of 35.7% of Australians haven’t had a vacation for 15 to 24 months.

Australians (might) hate their neighbours … but they definitely hate their mortgages – Asked what/who they would ‘camp to escape from the most:

  • 29.7% said their neighbours, surprisingly followed by their
  • mortgage at 22.6%, their kids (15.6%), and their siblings at 12.7%.
  • Happily, only 10.8% would want to escape from their romantic partners; and only
  • 8.6% want to escape their parents.

Hipcamp offers full credit for any cancellations related to COVID-19 lockdowns. The company is also discouraging international travel at this time.

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