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We all need to exercise. It’s recommended that the average adult gets roughly one hundred and eighty minutes of moderate aerobic exercise a week, or seventy five minutes of vigorous aerobic exercise. Of course, these requirements can differ depending on your age and other personal circumstances, but you can always check in with your doctor to determine exactly how much exercise you should be trying to fit in. Now, many of us struggle to up our fitness levels for a number of reasons. Some of us simply don’t know where to start. We feel embarrassed trying new things and, without guidance or company, couldn’t bring ourselves into an environment where we have to exercise in front of others. Some of us find it difficult to get the time in our schedule to exercise. We have hectic work schedules, kids to look after, friends and family to catch up with. Some of us just don’t enjoy exercise and talk ourselves out of going when the time comes. Here are some tips that can help everyone reach their fitness levels!

Choose Something You Enjoy

The first mistake many people make when starting to improve their fitness is choosing activities that they don’t enjoy. You don’t have to do any particular form of exercise to get fit and there are countless options out there.

If you don’t like exercising outside, try the gym, where you can find yourself in secure, climate controlled facilities providing all of the equipment you need. If you don’t find the gym engaging and want a more social element to your exercise, consider team sports. If you want more guidance in what to do while exercising, hire a personal trainer who can listen to your goals, come up with a personalised workout plan and can show you how to do everything you need. If you like being in the water, go swimming. There are endless options and one is bound to tick your boxes.

Create a Workout Plan

Next, you need to decide what your goals are and what you’ll have to do to get there. This involves creating a workout plan. This plan should detail what exercises you need to do and how often. Want to be able to do a pirouette? Attend ballet once a week. Want to be able to walk for long distances? Look into Training for hiking plans. Want to become a competent swimmer? Go swimming once a week and alternate the strokes you’re using to improve on each. This doesn’t necessarily need to be written down, but as long as you have something in your head and you stick to it, you should see significant improvements over time.

Don’t Burn Yourself Out

All too many people jump onto the fitness hype and feel they need to work out for long sessions every day. This isn’t the best approach. You don’t need to go from nothing to everything and you don’t want to burn yourself out. Instead, ease into your new fitness routine. If you find it’s working for you, you can then start to increase the frequency that you want to work out

Hopefully, some of this information will help get your fitness journey started out on the right path. Give some of the steps a try!

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