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With some hard work and dedication, most people can lose weight – at least in the short term. But there are some people out there for whom shedding extra pounds is virtually impossible. No matter what they try, they just don’t seem to be able to do it.  In the past, researchers didn’t know what to make of this. But now they have some biological and psychological explanations for what’s going on. In short, people’s bodies are working against them powerfully. They might want to lose weight, but, for various reasons, they face potent counterforces. So if you know what you’re working with to begin with, it might pave a clearer path to reach those goals right?

Here’s some reasons at the cause of some people’s plateaus:

Their Microbiome Is Just Wrong

The microbiome was barely on the radar fifteen years ago – especially in matters of weight loss. All that counted was calories in, calories out. 

But that’s now all changing. It turns out that the microbiome – the bacteria living in the gut – have a tremendous effect on people’s ability to lose weight. Research suggests that the microbiome is involved in everything, from our mental health to our metabolism. 

Think of it this way: if people are depressed, they are much less likely to lose weight. Instead, they will automatically seek out foods that are pleasurable to them and make them feel better short-term. If gut bacteria throw the microbiome out of whack, this is just one channel through which they could foster high weight – and there are many others. 

Their Diet Cycling Causes Weight Gain

Weight loss might also be impossible because of the effects of cycling through periods of deprivation. To lose weight, most people will cut calories. Over a short period of time, they will lose weight. But after that, their bodies will do everything they can to bring the weight back to a set point. Deprivation, therefore, often leads to overfeeding which causes weight to rise higher than it was before. 

Their Genes Are Working Against Them

As drgovindkrishna.com.au points out, weight loss attempts usually end in failure. But why? Another possible explanation is in people’s genetics. Researchers now believe that around 80 percent of a person’s body weight and height is genetically determined. People don’t spend all day worrying about gaining a few extra inches, but they will think about losing a few extra pounds. 

The definition of genetics is a little loose, though. Researchers are referring to all of the ways that we are genetically determined to interact with our environments, according to Psychology Today. If the environment is bad – for instance, lots of fast food advertising and sedentary working environments – then genes will respond to this. For some people, it will automatically lead to sustained weight gain, while for others it won’t. 

Genes aren’t trying to make people overweight. But many people have genes that didn’t bank on the temptations of the modern world. And that’s essentially the big problem that we face. Our current environment overcomes our natural genetic defenses against weight gain by tricking our bodies. Over time, weight arrives and it can be extremely difficult to shift (without going and living in the woods for a couple of years).

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