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Australian based trio ‘Sharingan’ hit the airwaves this July with their debut single ‘Nothing At All’. The members formed to create an alliance with one goal in mind; to concentrate “solely on writing grouse tunes and conjuring high level sonic jutsu, with no barriers or expectations”.

Listen to Sharingan – Nothing At All

The group derives their name from the infamous Sharingan of the Uchiha Clan belonging to the world of ‘Naruto Shippuden’ – created by Masashi Kishimoto.

“I’m a gnarly advocate for all things Naruto and after finishing the manga recently, I had a powerful urge to reference the Uchiha clan’s Kekkei Genkai and relate the music around a highly perceptive mirror eye of agility, reflex and sustained memory logging… kinda. I mean, it just sounds cool too” explains Sharingan member Jarrod Marsh.

The group consists of Voya the guitarist from Sydney outfit ‘Bad Moon Born’, Jarrod Marsh – formerly ‘Native Tongue’ and Shaun Brown vocalist – ex. Dirty York.

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Jarrod goes on in more detail “Voya and myself have been chipping away in the studio for years now as close friends. We began with a single release and a follow up EP under a project title called ‘Native Tongue’. Honestly ‘Native Tongue’ served its time and was grouse for what it was but the current pan out of the world, relentless lockdowns and gross itch for creative release have birthed a new vision and sonic agenda for us both”

Melbournians have experienced repeat lockdowns since the beginning of the global pandemic, and where some musicians have not been able to sustain their motivation these boys have held steadfast. “We originally recorded this track (Nothing At All) years ago and over lockdown, the three of us pieced it all together, re-tracked, re-dressed and honed it. We ended up finishing it remotely from Sydney & Melbourne and just zipped files through the ether until we all had a mutually agreeable final mix that we thought resonated with our group and mirrored the lucid view and freedom of creativity we’d been yearning for with this music”.

Listen to Sharingan – Nothing At All

The track, lyrically, delves into a hardened and mature, metaphorical voyage that’s quite profound. The main perspective or character finds himself consumed in a warp, trying to understand and process whether what has just happened was real or if it was all just a dream conjured by his imagination. A hero’s journey, of sorts.. to nowhere.. important, at least; in being just a repetitive cycle of living. Destined for the present, always. Choosing to play it by ear and remaining open to the elements, holding a tendency to exist with flow in the face and force of nature’s play.

Sharingan aims to release their follow up single in the later days of August, stating that “We’re already in the processing of a final mix/master for a second single”. And further explains that “We’re going to keep burning out digital singles and potentially slap a few tunes on Vinyl. For old keepsake and also to have it available online so peeps can dig in and have a grail piece”.

However right now, the trio are focussed solely on digital releases, “with lockdown and the manner of logistics so to speak, it’s quite tough to be out gigging and manifesting this on to a stage just yet. But it may surely find itself there with time”.

“In the meantime, hopefully this track and the later works provide some spiritual release for people having a rough time or an even better time for those at their current peak. The track ain’t bias” – Jarrod Marsh

Listen to Sharingan – Nothing At All

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