Elysaè returns to the spotlight with new release ‘Angel (Wash It Away)’

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After hitting #4 on the AMRAP Regional Charts with her self-empowerment anthem, ‘Blinded’, and recently becoming a semi-finalist in the Listen Up Songwriting Prize, Elysaé is back, stronger than ever with an artful expression of anger and pain.

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‘Angel (Wash It Away)’ “born out of a dark & torturous time. After a series of events, I was left feeling angry, apathetic & powerless, not only because of what had occurred that day, but because it also bought up a whole lot of suppressed emotions. The feelings washed over me with such intensity that I felt paralysed. Not knowing how to move through them, I did the only thing I could – write.”

Co-produced by Luke Carra (Caravãna Sun) and Ian Prichett (Angus & Julia Stone, The Beautiful Girls, Kim Churchill), the edgy, indie pop track is rich with instrumental detail and hauntingly powerful vocals. Uniquely constructed with aggressive guitars, euphoric atmospheres and dynamic movements, the track perfectly captures the tension experienced when repressed emotions beg to be released.

Elysaé describes the process of the song’s creation as being liberating and freeing, sharing that, “it opened up a space to express myself in an honest and unfiltered way. Unapologetically embracing all sides of myself has been truly healing and transformative. It’s helped me to reclaim my voice, my power and to release the grip that these darker emotions can have.”

With its catchy melodies and powerful, anthemic instrumentation, Elysaé will have you feeling strong and courageous, whilst dancing along to her latest offering.

“I’ll always be here to advocate for authentic self-expression, no matter how dark or scary. Your feelings are valid and if you allow yourself to feel and express yourself in creative ways, you too, will begin to move with lightness as this energy shifts through you.”

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