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They call him “the smiling assassin”, the apprentice carpenter by day and number 3 ranked Muay Thai fighter in the world and WKBF kickboxing champion. Earlier this year, we spoke to Charlie Bubb right before his big fight (see video above). His morning started with an 11km run before work, having to say no to alot of after work drink nights and it’s all about “branching off” and finding your own group that can be hard but is essential to carving your own road to success, including a Sydney sparring session with Rob Whittaker.

“Muay Thai teaches you respect….
Once you get your ass kicked, you’re humbled for life….”

3 things we learned from Charlie:

  1. Talking it out is so simple, but a massive release – “I didn’t realise for a long time, but talking just helps you get stuff off your chest, you feel weighed down”.
  2. People shouldn’t follow the trend – It all comes down to finding the tribe you connect with, feeding off each other and inspiring each other to push your limits, otherwise you might get stuck in a rut. Break the cycle, facing the fear of the unknown is where many people might find what they’re really passionate about.
  3. People weight their negatives more than their positives – 1 misstep doesn’t erase everything positive you’ve done up to this point, if you get stuff wrong, there’s nothing stopping you from a re-do. Pick yourself up and keep going.
Charlie is an advocate and very heavily involved with The Quandamooka Cup, a series of charity fight nights in Queensland that raises awareness and support for suicide prevention initiatives. An example of the work they do seen with this kid here, a bit of a troublemaker at school, low in self confidence after being bullied at school, Muay Thai has given him focus, structure and a routine and a new sense of aspiration and purpose.

“People think failure is forever….
…if something stuffs up, you should be able to stop, reassess and get straight back on track…”

We asked Charlie three actionable steps someone could implement into their life right now to get themselves out of a rut, listen to the full 40 minute episode to find out.

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