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Songwriters Lounge launches their Virtual Music Festival today with Jordan Bakker hosting the event streaming live through his YouTube Channel

The festival will begin with Welcome to Country, where the host will formally acknowledge the traditional owners of the Australian nation. From 2pm the live music commences and then runs all the way through the day until the last performer finishes up at 11pm.

Sponsored by All Stations Clothing, Arteq Productions, Eyra Audio, Monaco Sound & Vision, Ms Conscious, and yours truly The Next Rush. The performers all have the chance to win some great prize giveaways.

Eyra Audio is providing a full single recording package, The Next Rush has offered an Artist Feature review on their website and All Stations Clothing has donated one of their recent ‘Artist Series’ locally produced hoodies.

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The entertainment industry has been sitting in turmoil for so long now yet the world keeps turning. All parties involved with producing this online event feel privileged to not only be able to bring some live entertainment to those stuck in their homes but also to provide the performers with a platform to continue doing what they love, despite the obstacles that currently block their way.

Boadz – Creating an ever evolving soundscape with his virtuosic guitar masterpieces. Taking you on a journey through your mind and soul.

Grim Fawkner – Whose original music engenders deep feelings of joy, wonder and bliss. Creating within listeners a state of pure merriment. You’ll feel like a kid on Christmas eve again, warmly nested before the open fireplace. Cherishing an excitement like none other experienced before.

Listen to Grim Fawkner on Spotify

Jimmy Harwood – With his mellow acoustic, urban soul form, bringing through the glow of youth, interweaving themes of heartbreak, exaltation and the journey between the two.

Listen to Jimmy Harwood on Spotify

Jordan Bakker – Displaying his feel good acoustic guitar vibes accompanying his bluesy, soulful voice that you feel deep down within you stirring up emotions you perhaps didn’t even know were there. Just sitting, waiting to be explored.

Kimberly – This sweet songstress has many tales to tell. Weaving journeys through her songs, her wondrous imagery will make you feel as though you were right there in those memories she so intimately exposes.

Listen to Key Hoo on Spotify

Kiwat Kennell – The frontman for local outfit ‘Key Hoo’ – A Torres Strait Islander that walks between two worlds. Being in Naarm (Melbourne), exposed to a Kaleidoscope of sounds, Kiwat has used his past experiences of strength, courage and overcoming depression to create an expansive array of musical expression that blends genres, invokes emotion and breaks down cultural barriers between societal groups.

Mareya – A singer/songwriter/producer whose specialty resides pop, rnb, grunge, rock & soul. Born and raised in NZ & now based in Melbourne, she’s been at the game since 4 years old when she blurted out her first original song for her Dad while he accompanied her on the guitar.

Listen to Mareya on Spotify

Matt Joyce – Returning to the spotlight earlier this year with his hit single ‘No Surprises’ showcasing a blend of indie acoustic and innovative pop music styles. With his warm and catchy vocal melodies accompanied with his bouncy guitar lines Matt brings to the virtual stage a cruisy, easy going and light hearted vibe sure to get you up bouncing in your lounge room.

The Glamour – When The Glamour hits the stage, his incredibly deep emotion and soulful tone resonates all the way through your body. Head to toe, this seasoned performer is set to start this festival off with a bang, glitter and all.

Listen to Trix William on Spotify

Trix William – With incredible rap flows and hard hitting lyrical content, matching even the likes of the rap gods such as Eminem. Trix Williams will be bringing the fire with his homegrown urban hip hop rap styles.

Join us on Wednesday for a celebration of the arts!

Who’s Performing? Listen here

Check out a Spotify playlist of works by the performers on the bill to get yourself ready for the festival.

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