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It was the collaboration between Airbnb and Volvic allowing guests to stay in a mini home hosted by mountain athlete, Kilian Jornet, overlooking panoramic views of Chaîne des Puys Volcanoes in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France.

The Chain des Puys (in english, ‘Chain of volcanic hills’) stretches 40km in Central France comprised of 48 cinder cones, 8 lava domes and 15 maars and explosion craters. The largest of its formation reaches 1.5km high (4806 feet) and is currently listed as a national heritage site. It’s a 95,000 year old phenomenon characters by the way it formed, a Peléan eruption that enjoys extended periods of dormancy which it entered into 10,000 years ago before sudden violent eruptions. The next time the chain erupts, the landscape of the volcanic hills change with it as new mountains are formed.

The bucket list experience takes place next month as part of an effort to celebrate after the AirBNB site was overwhelmed with its special one night star offer launched last month for just 1€** ($1.18 USD / $1.59AUD) which includes:

– A virtual welcome video call from Host Kilian Jornet
– A guided tour from the on-site team to learn about the rich biodiversity of the natural park
– A sumptuous locally-sourced dinner for two by local Michelin star chef Adrien Descouls.
– A private morning yoga session with breathtaking views of sunrise over the volcano’s peak
– A volcanic hike designed by Volvic Global Ambassador and Host Kilian Jornet
– A hot air balloon ride overlooking the Chaîne des Puys Volcanoes

All activities will be a balance of energizing and restorative, giving guests all they need to relax, recharge, and reconnect with nature. Guests will also be able to learn more about how volcanoes provide essential natural ecosystems. Keeping in trend with people’s renewed and increasing interest in eco-friendly travel destinations.

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