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In Progress“ sees Founder of TravelFit & Next Rush Health Editor, Chris Walker interview Small Business Entrepreneurs, acclaimed Celebrities, bringing insight into stories of success. His guests share their views on Travel, Health, Fitness and Mindset, fundamental principles that have enabled them to soar in each of their chosen fields. LISTEN HERE

If you are hoping to run a successful business, you have got to be dedicated to the idea. You can’t be one of these people who doesn’t worry about anything and instead chooses to wing it their entire life. This won’t work and you won’t end up successful, instead you need to know what areas are important to dedicate your time to. We revist some of our old podcasts which you can play below as we reflect on the lessons, mindset and tips from some of Australia’s up and coming and established entrepreneurs.

Press Play to listen to Alec Baker’s story, who began as a well established labourer while moonlighting as a content creator. His passion led him to delve into the unknown leaving behind the construction industry to pursue a new industry which woudl eventually see him become one of the most sought after content creators for brands, Influencers, music artists boasting a portfolio with the likes of Steve Cook, Gymshark, Tommy Jeans, GoPro, Under Armour and many more.
Sacrifices have to be made to reach your goals, how important mastering your skill is to become the best in your field, while confronting self doubt. The key is not to be ego driven. Press play above to listen.

Relationships With Customers

The first thing that you need to do know is that you have got to dedicate time to your relationship with your customers. Ideally, you want to build up as much of a loyal customer base with customers as you can. The reason for this is that when things start go to wrong, you know that these people at the very least will have your back. The more people that are loyal to your business, the better, but you need to make sure that you are putting the effort in.

You should be sending thank you emails, you should be sending out little gifts every now and then to your mailing list and so on. Make sure it’s known that you are putting in all this effort because you care about your customers. 

Matt’s Horspool was born in south Korea, and adopted at the age of 6 months where he was raised in Orange, regional New South Wales. Growing up Matt felt different experiencing racial bullying and often in school yard fights with classmates. As an adult he left his career as a teacher to pursue his passion in photography which led him to become the recipient of the 2016 Olympus grant. For 21 days he was able to produce a documentary on his adventures with mountaineer, Simone Rates through the Peruvian Andes. He says there’s a disconnection in our digital connections and as a professional camera man, he’s learned to appreciate and be fully present in the moment without it always having to be captured on film or memory cards. A great story of personal growth, where some of the most creative captures were born from adversity. Press play above.

Relationships With Employees

You are also going to have to make sure that your relationship with employees is a decent one. If people want to work for you, then they are going to work harder. If they don’t, then they are going to leave you to sink when things get tough, rather than grabbing a paddle to try and ensure you don’t all go down together. You want to be the person that people like working for because you are fair and because you are always leading from the front. 

Dedicating yourself to this role takes a lot of time and effort but it’s going to be worth it in the end. We promise that nothing is better than seeing all your employees band together to fix a problem because they love your business.

Rhys Furner was the country boy selling pizzas in the streets of Bathurst who would become the Head of Partnerships and Sales Development at Shopify. He faced challenges growing up with a single mum, who ran a dance studio. Chasing money in business just isn’t enough when starting out, selling isn’t just about being charismatic, the difference between a boss and a leader and what you can do to work on yourself and on your new business venture are just some of the great ideas that were shared in this episode. Press play above for more.

Realtionships With Outsourced Firms

Finally, you need to ensure that your relationship with outsourced firms stays strong. For example, the last thing that you want to do is annoy your IT support providers or your marketing team, both of which are likely outsourced. You do not want a reputation of being difficult to work with or for.

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