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While the last year has seen us miss out on many occasions that would be worthy of a great party, it also has us planning many get-togethers to top all those we had in the past. No matter if you are looking to celebrate a wedding, a milestone birthday, an engagement or something else, if you are looking to throw a bash that everyone will remember, it can be difficult to know where to start. You want to ensure that you stick to a budget, that everyone has a great time and that it runs smoothly from start to finish. Here are some top tips for throwing an unforgettable party…

Decide on a theme

A theme is one of the most important aspects for running a seamlessly smooth party. Think about if you want it to be casual, smart or if you want to go all-out with something fancy dress. You could do a 20s style theme, a movie theme or a James Bond casino night. With your theme you can decorate the venue to match, have food and drinks based on it and play games or entertainment within this. 

Get a great music playlist

Music is one of the most important aspects of a party – particularly if you are looking to get people on a dance floor! You will want different music for the time when everyone is arriving, to late in the evening once people have had a few drinks and want to bust out the moves on the dance floor. You could sort out a playlist on your phone and connect it to a sound system, or if you want to take it one step further, you could hire a DJ such as a DJ with PartySounds. A DJ will be able to read the room and know what songs to play when.

Don’t worry too much about the little things

Remember that things might not always go as smoothly as you like both in the planning stage of your party and when you are actually there it won’t matter. It is important not to stress the little things and if something does go wrong, it will all add to the charm of the day! 

Stick to a budget

When it comes to throwing a party, you can find that costs spiral out of control quickly. This is why it is important to set yourself a budget that you can stick to. Decide what you will want to spend on separate things such as a cake, food, entertainment and venue and try not to overspend on these areas. If you spend less, you can allocate this to something else, but try not to overspend. See what you can make yourself and what you can borrow from people or find second hand. This can save costs while also looking great.

These are just a few simple tips that will help you when it comes to throwing an unforgettable party. What are some things you like to do when planning a get-together? Let us know in the comments below!

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