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BPMoore (Ben Moore) is an English composer, multi-instrumentalist and producer based in London, United Kingdom. Heavily influenced by The Cure, The Prodigy, Nine Inch Nails, Lau and Talk Talk, his music blends new age and neoclassical instrumentation with the sounds of ambient, post-punk, and pop. 

A skilled drummer and prolific composer, BPMoore’s output is characterized by a blend of electronic and acoustic instrumentation. With projects ranging from solo works to collaborative ventures including a range of musical artists, poets, film-makers, and animators.

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His critically acclaimed debut album Komorebi was released by Rhodium to an eager audience, garnering the attention of both Spotify (“Not Quite Classical”) and Apple Music (“Pure Focus”) and securing repeated radio play (KEXP, Soho Radio London, BBC) and significant press coverage.

“…As you dive into his lavish scenery of sound, you feel immediately welcomed and at home. Fans of Ólafur Arnalds, Brambles, Sebastian Plano, Patrick Jonsson and Jon Hopkins will connect with cinematic passages that span the soundscapes of painted strings, nostalgic chords, and electronic beats…”—Headphone Commute

BPMoore’s second full-length album, If I Don’t See You Again, was released by Rhodium on July 30 as a double vinyl. The twelve-track LP is an expansive and intricate foray into the idea of connection; permanence and impermanence, arrivals and departures, change and stillness. Themes of movement and fleeting moments feed into a wider story of family and friends, neurological pathways, and the difference in perception that each of us experiences.

The work is characterized by soft pianos, complex drum parts, soaring string lines, and an array of fantastic production techniques. It is an album in the most complete sense of the word; a cohesive journey that spans many chapters, anchored by the grounding theme of interconnectedness.

It was the opening track Hold Your Own which initially gripped our interest here at The Next Rush. Released on May 7 as a single to define the level of beauty, charm and alluring timbre which would be shared throughout If I Don’t See You Again.

“This album was born out of my own longing for connection with other humans over the past few years—to reconnect with important people in my life from the past and to appreciate the dear friends in my life today, to build relationships and help one another, to listen, to learn, to experience things together and influence one another in positive ways, to work together in the spirit of cooperation. It’s a need to reach out and be in the moment as though it might be the last time we see each other. For me, it’s easy to get stuck in the cycles of daily routine, thinking everything is permanent and forgetting we are constantly in a state of arrival and departure and that things are always changing. This album is an appreciation of how we are all connected, like strands to a whole; a wider family.”BPMoore

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With the contrast of dynamics in epic orchestral arrangements, rhythmically charged drum lines and softly sweeping melodic motifs it’s near impossible to hold yourself from being torn into the vast worlds created and explored through this remarkable instrumental album.

Currently the state of the instrumental music genre – that being that it is undoubtedly over saturated with bedroom producers – If I Don’t See You Again sits as an exemplary standard within its own creative rite. A personal endeavour in work to which composers and arrangers alike should aspire towards. Holding intention to impart a musical work that exists to break down the haunting barriers of this world, and transcend the listener into another realm; where they’re offered the chance to embark on a personal reflective journey with the end result delivering feelings of deep emotional satisfaction and exaltation.

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Credits: Composed and produced by Ben Moore, mixed by Sara Carter, mastered by Nathan Moody at Obsidian Sound. Music by Ben Moore, additional instrumentation and production by Delta Empire, Adrian Leung, Arji Manuelpillai, Serena Robbins, Maciej Sadowski, Sketches Stone, and Anna Yarbrough. Artwork by Rhodium. Poetry by Arji Manuelpillai.

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