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Sharingan have returned with their follow up single Close To The Sun. Rising from where they initially left off with their debut effort, Sharingan are letting the sails loose as they notch off from the coast and lead on to a rocking grouse mission – towards the sun – Albeit carefully. Keeping fast in mind the tragedies that ensue within the great myth and tragedy of Icarus.

This track is a full frontal assault “we decided to lock in our riff game and drop heavyweight chops and see whether the vocals can raise the bar even further. And for it to all somehow have a decent vibe and solid integrity. I think we nailed it” – Jarrod Marsh (Sharingan member)

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Nothing overlaps or loops; it has certified swagger. It’s easily digestible and it’s got nonsense riffs. For those who are leeching for a bit of hype musicality or a bit of loungeroom head banging, this is for you.

“We wrote this song from scratch one day and it was a breezy, organic experience. I recall we’d had pies for lunch and the riff break bridge – which is my favorite part of the tune – was locked in shortly after lunch. So, a lesson we learned.. pies, they’re a power card and seem to be a well refined formula for our success.” – Jarrod Marsh

Following a similar approach that was used to produce their initial debut single Nothing At All,“we pinged updated riffs, tweaks and layers through the ether again. between states and over lockdowns until the track felt dressed and quenched.” explains Jarrod.

Sharingan member Jarrod Marsh in his home recording studio

Immediately, this is notably a more stark tune with a meaty, bulk presence. Shaun‘s vocals show a gnarly southern rock nuance in his phrasing and mood waves between the verses with full superiority.

The chorus is huge, implementing a tasty synth call and response with the main guitar riff to fill the space and thicken the bed. ”Shaun goes hard and blows a fuse over this (section). It’s a modern rock track that screamed for something filthy and wide” – Jarrod Marsh

“I think peeps will really get a kick out of this one. As a trio, we felt the mood of this track was an extension, evolution and shaping of what we’re meant to be doing as a unit. It’s taken a step, raised the bar and set an enormous standard for ourselves going forward.” – Shaun Brown (Sharingan member – vocalist)

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Released digitally on August 20, it’s available to stream on all major platforms with merch and physical audio sales to follow.

Shaun Brown (vocalist) wrote the lyrics for this track after watching Avatar. So to encapsulate the themes and essence, Sharingan sought a seagull dropping bulk sweat and pondering the unrelenting reaping of Earth, as the track artwork. The stunting of the human mind and why you should be cautious of flying too close to the sun lie in the very core of themes for this song. A lesson learned throughout the flight of Icarus, and as the myth teaches us “well, yeah.. it’s well documented that he got murked” – Jarrod Marsh

Jarrod goes on to explain that they are in the process of finishing their third single “which is like.. 85% done” hinting a possible late September release.

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