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Have you ever sat in a second-hand car, and you could feel the personality of it? The small things that make the car what it is, and the driver who previously had it left behind. 

Perhaps it is a romantic way to look at a sizeable chunk of metal that gets you from a to b. But the truth is that many drivers name their cars and know all the little quirks and the ‘personality’ of the vehicle over time. 

So what can you do to personalise your car and make it more you? Most personalisations either adds to the look or the feel of the vehicle – but sometimes cosmetics for cosmetic’s sake is fun. 

The Dash

No matter what car you currently have or are planning on buying – you can change the dashboard to meet what you want. 

Newer cars typically have stunning dashboards that give a driver all the information they need at a glance. 

If you like the dials you have, then you can add things like custom dashboard print or custom lights. 

The key here is that anything you add yourself unless you are a professional should be cosmetic. Leave replacements and significant adjustments to the mechanics! 


You need to change the tyres once the tread is a little worn anyway – why not make a more significant change? 

While you might not want spinning alloys on your old Nissan Micra, you might choose to have the alloys a custom colour by mag wheels Brisbane

The custom colours just look fantastic, and while they don’t do anything to the driving experience, they add to the aesthetics. 

When it comes to the tyres themselves, you can opt for high-performance tyres. 

High-performance tyres offer better road grip at higher speeds. The trade-off is that you might notice a little less mileage than usual on your tank of fuel. 

Number plate

If you are feeling a little ‘spendy’, then you might consider a personalised number plate.  There are a few restrictions on what you can and can’t have on your number plate, but most of the time, you can have it if you can make the word out of numbers and letters. 

It is often the case that the fewer characters on the number plate, the more expensive it will be. 


If you have picked up a reasonably-priced used car, then you might be looking to spend any leftover budget you have. 

Used cars often come with some scratches and scuffs. While grabbing some paint and patching it up doesn’t take long – you might want to change the whole of the outside of the car. 

You can choose any colour you can imagine or create a whole rainbow paint situation. The price of the paint job will vary based on how much work is required.

If you don’t mind being noticed everywhere, you can choose something bright and unique. 

Antenna Toppers

Antenna toppers can be one of the most low-key ways to change how your car looks. You can choose an antenna topper that matches your interests or personality, from tiny black skulls to Disney bobbleheads or a simple flag. 

Antenna toppers are one of the cheapest ways to add a little personal touch, but they are also the easiest things for people to steal. 

So it’s best if you buy a couple! 


Everyone’s car smells different, but you can take charge of how the inside of your car smells and choose a scent that you like. 

If you like the idea of your car smelling like leather and vanilla, there is a scent for that. Prefer it a little more like an exotic cocktail? There is an in-car scent like that too! 

You can opt for a car scent that looks inconspicuous or bright and colourful – it will all add to the personalisation. 

Seat Covers

There are many different options when it comes to seat covers, which is what makes this one a great choice. You can line your seats with black faux fur or the more traditional back beads that massage your back as you drive. 

If you want to add luxury to your car, you can opt for some custom made seat colours in leather, sheepskin or neoprene. 

Considering who is sitting in the seats, sheepskin isn’t the best idea if you have children eating snacks in the back seat! 

Personalising your car doesn’t have to cost the earth; you can do it over time so that you can have your very own Knight Rider moment. 
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