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Exercise is for everybody. Or at least it should be. Irrespective of your age, your gender or your physical fitness there is some form of exercise out there for everyone, the hardest part is finding the exercise that suits you.

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Perhaps you have been put off of exercise over the years, maybe you think you don’t like it or it isn’t for you. Chances are, you just have not found the right type of exercise yet, the one you really enjoy. It doesn’t have to be a weight lifting session in the gym or the local 10k run, exercise comes in many forms so here are some ideas to inspire you into finding a love of exercise. Just don’t forget to consult any medical conditions with your healthcare provider first. You can explore phone, smartwatch, and fitness tracker accessories in stores and online, for instance, Mobile Mob, to monitor your progress.


Trampolining is a great form of aerobic cardiovascular exercise. It will raise your heart rate and get the blood pumping around your body. It is a great way to improve your cardiovascular fitness, your heart health, muscle strength and stability not to mention it is a fun exercise that doesn’t feel like exercise. One of the best parts about trampolining is that it is a low impact exercise so is kinder to your joints than something more traditional such as running. Explore your local trampoline park as they often put on exercise classes to music to up the ante and increase the fun levels.

Tai Chi 

If trampolining seems a little too intensive for your try bringing it down a notch with some Tai Chi. Studies have shown that Tai Chi can have some great benefits, especially for older members of society. It can improve balance and stability, posture, muscle strength, general mobility and even reduce stress levels. Taichiforhealthinstitute.org have a number of different online Tai Chi classes for different levels and health requirements, such as Tai Chi for beginners, arthritis or back pain. 


Swimming is a fantastic exercise that can be as physically demanding as you want it to be. Swimming is a full-body low impact exercise and is perfect for those returning from injury or who are new to fitness. It can work every major muscle group, including your cardiovascular system without putting any impact or strain on your body and its joints. It is a resistance workout that will increase fitness, strength, endurance and weight loss without any harsh impact. What other exercise can say that? If you are looking to take your swimming up a level consider open-water swimming or swimming at the beach as the natural currents can add that extra level of resistance and intensity to your swim.

Self-defence classes 

Self-defence classes are primarily to enable people to use their bodies to protect and defend themselves against attackers and sadly this is becoming a skill worth having. Whilst hopefully you will never need it, knowing how to defend yourself is a skill that you will feel better for just possessing. What is more self-defence classes are typically taught with beginners in mind and are for anyone and everyone so your fitness levels are irrelevant. These classes will help you to strengthen your body, aid fitness, improve awareness and reactions and all with the purpose of keeping you safe on the street. 

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