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Your small business has a lot to handle, and some of those processes are better handled with automation. 

Streamlining and automating your business is one of the best ways to get the most out of it in terms of productivity and seeing a better profit margin. 

To achieve the maximum benefit, it is essential to take a couple of steps first. 

Understanding what streamlining is, is the first step. Streamlining is taking any process that removes any functions that don’t benefit the bottom line. Most often, this can be admin or other non-core business items. 

Usually implementing technology to make the process easier – Claris FileMaker pro has many options to make the process work for your business. 

The benefits of streamlining your business

Before you decide to automate and streamline your business, it is essential to know where you can make the most significant impact and what your business will get from doing it. 


Streamlining the workflow and process typically makes a big impact on the amount of staff and paperwork that you need to do. When things become automatic, you can trim down the number of people you need on the team or reassign those people elsewhere. 


When you are relieved of some of the mundane processes that take up a lot of time, there is more time for the proper management of your business. Communication, depending on the type of streamlining, can become more manageable. 

It allows the whole team to focus entirely on their assigned tasks rather than any outside tasks that could be handed off to an automated system. 

Time management 

With fewer admin tasks or time-consuming jobs, general time management becomes better. Rather than being required to set aside time to manage the repetitive tasks, you are free to handle your business in the best way. 

With a streamlined approach, business owners and other staff will have more time to focus on getting tasks done – this can range from a few hours to days per week. 

Improved time management means that you will be able to have a better timeline for delivering work to the client since ‘busy work’ won’t be taking up the time. 


The more people who need to handle something, the more likely there will be a mistake or an error in the process. Human error isn’t uncommon, but it can have a disastrous impact. 

When a process is automated, it will always be completed within the designated system, and nothing will change unless it is overhauled. Complying with regulations, regular invoicing, asset delivery systems, and more can be streamlined to give everyone a more enjoyable result. 

The first step is to assess all existing processes and see what is taking up time that can be better spent somewhere else. Almost everything can be automated. 

Choose the method that is either the most time consuming or the one that is repeated most often. These will be the processes that cost the most in time and cash. 

Here are some other areas that you can avoid losing precious working hours: Avoid Losing Time To Petty Tasks As A Start-up.

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