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The moment you have been dreaming of for years has finally arrived. You have the keys to the office space you have been working so hard to buy. It needs work, and you have a limited budget to get everything done. 

What makes this even more exciting is that since you are expanding your business, you’ll be having some new team members.

What do you need to do the moment the keys are in your hand? 


Since you are starting from scratch, you have your work cut out for you – and you need to start with the basics. Before you begin taking deliveries, you need to have electrics fitted out to your specific business needs. Get an Accredited Level 2 Electrician to check through if you need a power upgrade, and create any new power outlets and lighting you need. 

Think about the flooring in terms of what looks nice but is well priced and hardwearing. Usually, laminate flooring offers the perfect solution. This can be fitted yourself – so long as you have measured correctly. 

Deep cleaning is essential; even if the previous owner has cleaned the building, hire a cleaning company to get it done – or a few friends and takeout. 


Take into consideration your future company growth when you create the layout for the office. While you do need some desk space and seating that is ready immediately, you also need to hold space for possibility. 

Take a look at some research and consider things like standing desks or walking desks for productivity and wellbeing. Ergonomic seating and laptop risers to keep your team comfortable at all times. 

L shape desks can be better for people that work closely with another colleague on things, so they still have their own space but can quickly move to collaborate. 

While workspace is essential, having an area where staff can sit away from their desks and relax can make the environment more friendly. 

Placement of the desks will also impact your staff, ideally having as much natural light as possible can help them be productive with their day. 

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Now your team is working in one environment, it is essential to decide on the office’s culture. It might be that the personalities in the team choose that for you, but you need to make sure that it lines up with what you want to do long term. 

Is the culture filled with recycling, good initiatives for staff, and focused on wellbeing? Or is the office culture more about arriving early, working late, and staying until the job is done? 

It is essential to lay the foundations early so that any new team members can immediately join it, and it sets the tone for how you hire and work in the future. 

Have a chat with each team member and see if there are any areas where they all area, and build that into the company culture. Tie the company culture into the vision for the business – to make it a part of the company identity. 

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