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No matter how much effort you put into enhancing your commute, the daily commute can still be stressful. Though environmentally friendly commutes aren’t for everyone, there are still a few easy ways you can do it. It’s easy to make the inevitable work commute more eco-friendly by switching up your transportation mode, reducing your workweek, or choosing greener routes.

Work Flexible Hours

Work hours are flexible as long as projects and communication aren’t compromised. Changing your schedule can actually be an eco-friendly alternative even though your working hours wouldn’t change. Avoid commuting at high traffic times by changing your work hours. You will also reduce the environmental impact of your car. Fewer emissions will pollute the air if you’re not in traffic and you’ll be happier too!

Make Use Of Public Transportation

There are many public transportation options in large cities. Change your transportation mode if the public bus or subway system is available in your town.

Since you don’t need to be concerned with traffic, public transportation can be a relaxing way to commute. You’ll get your routine more organized if you leave on time so you don’t miss the bus. By utilizing public transportation less often, you will save money and reduce your carbon footprint.

Start A Car Pool 

Making your commute more eco-friendly is easy if you live close to your coworkers. As you drive less, you will be saving on gas and maintenance. Even sharing a ride once or twice a week can reduce your impact. If it is you who is driving, just ensure that you get a regular smog inspection on your car. This covers the vehicle’s exhaust and pollution control systems to check to find out the level of emissions leaving the vehicle’s tailpipe. If you would like to know where to get a smog inspection in Sacramento, for example, then follow the link. This will make sure that your car is being as green as possible when you have your coworkers with you. Since you don’t need to change your schedule or mode of transportation, carpooling is an easy green option. Take the morning commute together with your coworkers!

Bike To Work

Bike commuting is ecologically friendly and active. A shorter commute or living in a bike-friendly city can help you reduce your carbon footprint. It is possible to ride your bike to work most of the year if you live in a warmer climate, but it is still worthwhile to do it once in a while. You may want to consider purchasing a bamboo bike, one of the most environmentally friendly materials, such as e-bikes

Work Remotely When Possible

Nowadays, most professions are able to complete their work remotely. There are many companies using cloud-based software to store their files thanks to high-speed internet and high-end tech equipment.  

Thus, working from home is essentially not impossible. You don’t even need to leave your house if your employer has jumped on the bandwagon. Working from home occasionally makes your commute greener. Even a few days of working remotely can help lessen your impact on the environment. You’ll likely be more productive working from home if your job doesn’t require much face-to-face interaction, and you’ll decrease distractions. Changing your commute is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint

By taking a less frequent or alternative form of transportation, you can reduce your impact on the environment.  That includes your well-being, too. Employees are happier when they work fewer hours. Finally, a cleaner environment without the additional fuel emissions associated with daily commuting.

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