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If you’ve got a camping trip planned for fall – or perhaps 2022 – then you’re probably wondering where you should go next. Well, fortunately, we have some ideas for you. In this post, we’re going to take a look at three camping destinations that will make your next adventure totally awesome. Check them out below. 

The Lake District, UK

If you want to feel like you’ve stepped off the plane and into Middle Earth, then the UK’s Lake District is the place to go. While most of the country is gentle greenery and rolling hills, this little pocket in the west of the ancient county of Cumbria is far wilder. 

The national park isn’t particularly large – only around 800 square miles – but it’s packed with features. You can spend a day walking here through the wilds, making your way from one small town to another. There are also opportunities for some of the UK’s best biking, with several purpose-built parks available for your enjoyment. 

As for campsites, you’re spoiled for choice – they’re everywhere. The most spectacular are on the Lake District’s western fringes, and they also tend to be the quietest too. These are close to lakes such as Ennerdal and Wast Water, with plenty of trails heading out from them in all directions. Many cater to hybrid camper trailers too, which is helpful. 

Death Valley, California

Death Valley might have a horrendous name, but this little patch of the California desert is actually one of the best places to camp under the stars. It’s far enough from civilization to provide clear skies, and much of it is inside the national park, meaning that there is virtually no development here. Instead, it’s just a beautiful patch of nature for you to enjoy. 

The good news is that the area caters for virtually every kind of happy camper. There are RV plug-in points that you can use to charge your equipment, plus sites that offer shops, BBQ facilities, toilets, showers and even gas burners. 

Some campers get year-long or lifetime passes for the Death Valley National Park and its campsites. You can also enjoy so-called dispersed camping, so long as you pack up and move on every 30 days or so. Just make sure that you travel in the winter months. During the height of summer, Death Valley is too hot for just about anyone. 

Patagonia, Chile

Patagonia is a fabulous mountainous region that sits between Argentina and Chile. It’s famous for its lofty peaks and stunning lakes and glaciers. In recent years, it’s also become more popular among campers, looking for better trails, away from the rest of civilization. 

If you want to enjoy lush greenery, you’re unlikely to find a lot of it here, especially if you climb to elevation. As you go higher, practically all wildlife disappears and you see what Earth would have looked like in its primordial state. Also, it’s a quiet place. You’ll need to prepare well, taking all your food and cooking equipment with you.

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