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Home curb appeal refers to what your house looks like from the street or sidewalk before you even go through the front door. It’s how people passing by perceive your home, both aesthetically and as a safe place for children (and pets). 

Your aim as a homeowner should be to increase this ‘appeal’ as much as possible; then sit back and enjoy those extra “oohs” and “aahs” from passersby that lead to potential buyers if/when you decide to sell down the road. Usually, small changes can make this possible for a homeowner. These changes don’t need to be expensive either, especially when websites like Raise offer discount codes for Lowes and other discount stores – so these are worth looking out for. 

Improving your home’s exterior appearance is a great way to give it more appeal and value. You can achieve this by 

Following Some Of These Tips:

  1. Paint the front door

This is an easy way to design a contrast between different parts of your home that may not be readily visible to everyone who drives past. For example, if the front door is in good condition, consider giving it a fresh coat of paint in a colour that contrasts with your home’s siding for added appeal. 

In addition, by installing Osborne Screens, you can add extra safety for your home and loved ones. This addition will not only enhance the security of your loved ones but will also increase your home value!

  1. Remove clutter

Take a look at the exterior of your house and think about what does and does not add to its charm and aesthetics. Is there anything that you should remove? 

Maybe an old, broken lawn chair or a cracked birdbath that has been out in the elements for too long? Likewise, anything that detracts from the look or feel of your home should be removed or fixed accordingly.

Nothing screams disorganized or unclean like taking piles of accumulated yard waste and dumping them right next to your home. Make it part of the routine to keep this material somewhere else on your property (like in an out-of-the-way location), so you don’t have to look at it every day when you leave for work or come back home. 

  1. Plant flowers and trees

Even if you don’t have a green thumb, there’s no need to live with barren landscaping. Adding plants and trees can give life to your yard and add colour and excitement during certain seasons of the year. 

Depending on the size of your house, you could plant multiple types of plants in multiple areas for a cohesive appearance that enhances rather than detracts from its charm. 

  1. Trim the bushes

If your home has overgrown shrubbery, then consider pruning or trimming them to make your home look more tidy and cared for. 

  1. Pull weeds

As easy as this may sound, keeping your yard free of weeds is crucial because they are not only an eye-sore; they can cause damage to your home by weakening the foundation.  

  1. Power wash the siding

If you see any dirt, mildew, mould, moss, grime or other stains on your home’s siding, then power washing will help get rid of it. 

  1. Add curb appeal

This is a great way to give your home’s exterior classic charm! Adding elements like window-boxes, stone walls, walkways, and classic outdoor lights will help enhance its appearance.

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