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So you’re going on a road trip or an out of town stay for the weekend? Great news! You have been looking forward to this time away from home. There are some things you’ll want to do in preparation before heading out. The most important thing is preparing your car to be ready when you get to your destination.

Remember, always obey the traffic laws and should anything untoward happen, be sure to contact a traffic lawyer to assist you.

Here is a list of items that should be checked and possibly replaced or fixed before setting foot on the road:

Car battery 

Your car battery may not last for the duration of your trip if it’s old or has been used more than usual lately (for example, after using it on cold days). Even if your battery checks out okay, bring along one of those portable battery packs to keep your phone fully charged.

Battery replacement 

The battery may not hold a charge for too long, which can become very dangerous in an emergency. Also, you don’t want your car shutting down when you need it the most. Even if everything checks out with the battery in your car, consider bringing along jumper cables or another portable charging solution just in case.


Tires are essential because they are what help keep control of your vehicle over any surface conditions. If you have tires that have worn down past their safety limit, then they are no longer reliable enough for taking on anything less than perfect road conditions. The tires should also match – having different tire types on your vehicle can cause lousy handling.

Windshield wipers 

Make sure your windshield wipers are up to their safety limit. You don’t want to get caught in the rain with faulty or worn down wipers. They should also be replaced whenever they show signs of coming off the windshield, leaving scratch marks on the windscreen, or any cracking on its surface at all.

Tire pressure 

Ensure that tire pressures are correct according to your car’s specifications, which can usually be found in a manual or online, along with recommendations for when tires need filling up again. Not checking tire pressures before you set out could cause them to lose contact with the road, increasing risks of skidding and accidents occurring.

Car fluids 

The liquids in your car should be topped up before you set off. Common areas to check are oil, water (in the radiator), washer fluid (and other window cleaners), and brake fluid. If you’re not sure where to check for them, your manual will tell you exactly where they are located.

Exterior factors 

You don’t want little things like cracks or dents on your vehicle’s exterior interfering with how it functions – which isn’t just an aesthetic issue! Cracks in windshields can let water in when it rains, making visibility harder and impossible at worst; dents can also cause interruptions to road surfaces if left unrepaired due to their size or location.


Check that all lights are in working order – headlights, tail lights, and signals. A common mistake is not checking the car’s horn when you start up your vehicle. This can be an essential safety device when getting out on the road.

Driving license 

If you’re travelling with other people, make sure everyone has their respective driving licenses ready to go. Now buckle up!

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