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AVAION and Why So Sad have been on a roll with recent releases, and now the pair arrive at a crossroads with their debut collaboration ‘Fallin’’. Whilst the pair have developed their own trademark sounds and fostered a loyal following separately, the single sees two artists who share a similarity in their message come together to produce a stellar single that is set to further ignite both of their blossoming careers. 

‘Fallin’’ follows hugely promising success for both artists in recent times. Why So Sad have hit 17 million streams on their single ‘Out Of Time’, which has nearly achieved Gold status in South Africa, and boasts over 3.5 million views on the official music video plus 5.1 million on tastemaker channel Elect Music. AVAION has also seen huge growth, with his single ‘Pieces’ achieving a whopping 32 million streams on Spotify alone, and recently achieved Platinum status in South Africa. 

Asked about the idea of a collaboration with the other, both answer almost identically; “We both have massive respect for one another, and the mix of tension and coolness like fire and water united in a song. We really wanted to combine that to create even more heightened emotion, and love the outcome that is ‘Fallin’’.

AVAION & Why So Sad have been making a serious mark in the electronic music scene with their unique branch of downtempo melancholic beats, and it was only a matter of time before the pair teamed up. The result, ‘Fallin’’, showcases two artists hitting their prime, comfortable in their songwriting skills and ability to utilize both artists strengths. 

Listen to ‘Fallin’’ here.

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