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Everyone loves opening well-wrapped gifts during the festive season! However, finding something that satisfies a person’s desire can be challenging. Therefore, you need to be creative with the items by utilising enough research.

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Start with the conversations you have with the person. Try and identify different things that the person talks about all the time. You can also consider what you feel the person may need the most. If you are wondering what to buy your friends or family this festive season, here are some ideas:


Jewellery may have been a gift idea for a long time, but it doesn’t get old! The market continues to produce more improved designs like the labret jewellery that can fit many fashion preferences.

Rings, necklaces, ankle bracelets, and arm cuffs can make gorgeous choices when gifting a female friend or family member. These pieces should match the color and designs that bring out someone’s personality. 

Credit: Kath Rose / Kelly Woodcroft – A debut collection inspired by her Far North Queensland roots and love 90s grunge rock

Get more ideas by looking at the pieces already owned by the person. You can also find a unique item that gives the person an opportunity to explore a different fashion.

For men, you could go for watches, rings, and necklaces. Consider looking through the person’s jewelry choices to find ideas about the designs to purchase.

Jewelry is always sentimental and the perfect gift for enhancing a person’s beauty. They can make a person feel appreciated.

Leather Items

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Who doesn’t love a little bit of leather in the wardrobe? Most people value leather items because of how expensive they are in the market. Since expensive is usually associated with quality, gifting leather items shows how much you appreciate someone.

Adding or introducing a leather jacket into someone’s closet will always be a clothing upgrade. The good thing is there are a variety of items made of leather. From clothing to accessories, you will always have various items to choose from whenever you buy leather gifts.


Book lovers understand the value of having a variety of books to read. The happiness you get when someone gives you a new and exciting book is priceless!

Look for a book you think the person will find interesting. It could be based on the conversations you had with the person or online recommendations. You can also choose from one of yours from your bookshelf if you feel it will mean a lot to the person.

Ask yourself questions regarding the publications you need to get before deciding what book to wrap up as a special gift to someone.

Kids might love a new book during the festive season too. However, finding a book that makes your kids happy may require you to be more observant of what the children love. You could consider getting a new book that is related to your kid’s favorite show.

Tech Devices

With the rapidly growing technology, everyone wishes for an upgraded device. Be it the phone, laptop, or television, anything that elevates the existing device functioning can always excite someone. However, when it comes to upgrading someone’s technological device, always be prepared to spend! Buying upgraded tech items is a matter of whether you can afford them or not. You could also go for different technological products like exciting movies or games. The brand you choose may depend on the person’s previous favorite movies, phones, laptops, or tablets.

An Experience

Credit: Lucky Star Media – Multi award winner Natalie Bassingthwaighte (she/her) stars in the electrifying and inspiring Australian production of JAGGED LITTLE PILL in the lead role of Mary Jane Healy, alongside critically acclaimed film, TV and stage actor and recording artist, Tim Draxl (he/him)as Steve Healy. Making her musical theatre debut, Emily Nkomo (she/her) stars as Frankie Healy, and Queensland Conservatorium of Music graduate Liam Head (he/him) will play Nick Healy. After originating the lead role of Muriel in Muriel’s Wedding the Musical, and recently performing in the US tour of Dear Evan Hansen Maggie McKenna (they/them)stars as Jowith emerging stage and theatre performer Grace Miell (she/they) playing Bella and Phoenix is played by AYDAN (he/him)who has maintained a strong following after his appearance on The Voice and featured role as Harry in Fangirls. Joining them will be the stellar ensemble cast Baylie Carson (they/she), Bella Choundary (she/her), Josh Gates (they/he), Matt Hamilton (he/him), Georgina Hopson (she/her), Marie Ikonomou (she/her), Caleb Jago-Ward (he/him), Jerome Javier (he/him), Giorgia Kennedy (she/her), Coby Njoroge (he/him), Noah Mullins (he/him), Isabella Roberts (she/her), Trevor Santos (he/him), Mon Vergara (they/them), Romy Vuksan (she/her)and Imani Williams (she/her).

Gifting someone an experience will stay as a meaningful memory for a lifetime. It could be a travel experience or a home activity. Either way, it is crucial to make it one of a kind!

Couples love to give one another experiences like massages or vacations. You can also do it with your friends or as a family. These activities can help you learn a lot about one another.

Movies In theaters, sports events, and concerts can be good gift ideas for when you want to spend time together outside of the home environment. Some people also enjoy horse riding and skydiving.


Credit; NSW Guide Dogs

Who doesn’t love having a pet? Some people talk about getting pets and never get around to owning one because of busy schedules. When you find time out of a busy day, try and visit a pet store and choose a gorgeous pet for your friend or family member this festive season.

It should not be challenging to find a good one since if you know someone well, you will always be aware of what pet best suits the person.

Bonus Idea

Credit: Communicado / Brown Brothers Wines – Brown Brothers’ Head Chef Bodee Price (ex Stokehouse and The Atlantic Restaurant chef) says that their Winemaker’s Series Fiano 2021 is the perfect wine to share with loved ones on a sun-drenched spring day. Developed in the Kindergarten Winery, the Winemaker’s Series gives winemakers the chance to keep small parcels of wine aside to develop small batches of unique varieties. “The Fiano is an up-and-coming wine varietal of golden colour, packed with aromatic citrus notes, and is best served young and vibrant. It’s the perfect drink to whet your appetite and enjoy during Aperitivo hour on a balmy afternoon.” says Bodee. Not only does the warmer weather inspire us to drink lighter wines, Bodee says the change in season also brings about a bounty of fresh fruit and vegetables at the Brown Brothers Winery in Milawa.

Hosting can be one of the best gifts to give someone this festive season. Relieves the person of the troubles of preparing for guests and cooking. This way, you get to let the person relax and enjoy being in your company.

The festive season cannot be complete without gifting one another. Getting someone a gift during any time of the year shows how much you value the person.

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