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As temperatures plummet for our friends in the Northern hemisphere, some might argue that there is no question of indulging in a small drop in morale! To help you, we reveal some tips for feeling beautiful in winter and chasing the winter blues. You can still look and feel beautiful, even when the weather gets cold. Yes, you may feel more tired than usual, you may even get a winter cold or feel sluggish, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to feel this way forever. A few alterations in your life will greatly help you.

1 – Laugh!

While laughing, the body secretes endorphins, hormones that relieve pain and increase feelings of well-being. Laughing relaxes muscles and oxygenates the brain, promoting better relaxation, works nearly 130 muscles – nothing but that! – and tones the skin. So laugh! Especially since we are never as beautiful as when we laugh – a bright smile and glowing face is beautiful and also makes you feel more confident. So definitely laugh, and lastly, it boosts the immune system massively! Yes, so get laughing! 

2 – Fill up on bath salts

It is officially bath season, right? And to make your time in your bathtub as pleasant and soothing as possible, bet on bath salts. Enriched with essential oils and rich in minerals and trace elements, they regenerate the skin by gently erasing dead cells, draining the body by stimulating blood circulation, releasing the body’s tensions and relaxing the mind thanks to their fragrances. sometimes intoxicating and calming. It will assist with many things, afterall, a warm bath is a great remedy for the winter colds and fatigue. It’s normal to want to hide away and hibernate, however, this little tip will bring you a little extra comfort and energy.

3 – Choose aromatherapy

The cold and the wind are real enemies for fragile and reactive skin. To reduce the feeling of tightness and tingling or even redness, rely on natural remedies such as essential oils. In these specific cases, opt for oils with soothing, calming and softening properties such as Roman chamomile essential oil or Ylang-Ylang essential oil. Another beauty tip: to refresh your skin in the morning before your beauty routine, spray rose water on your face.

4 – Add color to your daily life

It is well known, the color acts on the mood. Black is less easy to grind in a chick yellow sweater, right? Opt for outfits with pops of color: black jeans with a shimmering red sweater, or a long metallic pleated skirt with a candy pink sweater. Note also that velvet makes a sensational entry into winter wardrobes: a good point to add a little softness to winter everyday life and keeps you warm! Yes, velvet along with leather will retain your body heat.

5 – Exercise and boost endorphins

Did you know that sport is considered a natural antidepressant? In addition to being beneficial for the body, the practice of a physical activity is excellent for the morale since during the effort, endorphins are secreted and generate a real well-being. This can improve morale very significantly. So, during a slight drop in speed, there is nothing better than a workout to boost endorphins. Try Zumba or perhaps a regular dancing class. Even yoga and pilates can help greatly. You need to really get the blood flowing to enhance your energy – we all need that boost in winter! 

6 – Fill up with hydration

Whether it is the body, face, hands or even the body, hydration is essential in winter. First of all the skin: whatever its type, the cold and the wind are its worst enemies because they irritate and dry out. Then swap your melting body cream for a repairing balm and bring out your cocooning hand cream. As for the hydration of the organism: in this season and probably because of the too cool temperatures, we tend to hydrate the organism less. It is wrong. Diversify the sources of hydration by drinking hot drinks with tea, soups as well as seasonal fruits to add an extra health boost. 

7 – Pimp your skin and fashion?! 

That summer’s tanned complexion seems so far away now. Afterall, most tans are fading by mid October! So, for those who have not planned a stay under the coconut trees this winter, bet on the self-tanner! It keeps you looking glowing and feeling healthier. There are many types to try. The face is a delicate area where the slightest trace is immediately visible. To apply it correctly, take a small amount of your self-tanner and heat it in your hands. Then apply the material all over the face with the flat of the hands in circular motions. Don’t forget the neck and carefully avoid “risky” areas such as the eyelids, eyebrows and hairline. Then you can add some exciting berry shade lipsticks and some gold eyeshadows for extra shine! You can also add some winter fashion statements, look at Tartan shades or neutral shades. Afterall, fashion is always a great way to keep you happy. Look at THE ICONIC Outlet for more fashion inspiration.

8 – Think positive

Knowing how to see the glass as half full rather than half empty is a way of thinking that can totally change your life. Seeing life on the good side rather than the bad one helps to cope with stress, promotes self-confidence, allows for better general well-being and increases the chances of success in both professional and personal life. Keep calm and think positive! Try journaling and writing your thoughts down. Also make lists of things that you want to achieve, such as a goal for the week or month. These will help you look to the future and look ahead to positivity. You should consider making plans such as going out with friends, day trips and doing fun things such as art galleries and museums. This will ensure that you are keeping your mind active and full. 

9 – Wake up to music

The alarm clock ringing is by far a sound that puts us in a great mood. To change that and start the day in rhythm, swap the tiresome “beep beep” of your alarm clock with a song you love (and which reminds you of summer). Your mood will only be boosted, as will your morale. You can also look at natural alarm clocks that wake you up by shining light into the room. This is to mimic the natural sunlight, although we know that during winter, waking up at 6am means waking up to the dark! 

10 – Fill up on vitamins

To stay in shape and avoid fatigue when the cold arrives, nothing better than to consume fruits rich in vitamins. If the orange is essential, the kiwi is a real source of vitamins with the added bonus, a large amount of minerals and trace elements. Star fruit is in this season, and clementines are one of the fruits that contains the most vitamin C! Not to mention its water content (over 85%), which gives this citrus fruit a great moisturizing power. We need a lot of vitamin C and vitamin D during the winter. Whilst it can’t prevent 100% of winter bugs, it can work to limit the symptoms and help you make a quicker recovery. You must focus on this and remember to take them daily. Zinc is also another great vitamin to choose during winter. You may also want to look at upping your intake of ginger and garlic too. All of these contribute to feeling a little more energised during these difficult winter months!

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