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When starting up a new business, it is very common to want to be as hands-on as possible. But you’re only one person, and that is a lot of tasks to tackle. When we talk about outsourcing, we are talking about functions that can be handed off to another person.

An outside provider doesn’t have the emotional attachment to your business that you do, so their motivation to do the best job possible usually comes in the form of finance.

But it also means that they are more likely to do what needs to be done without second-guessing what’s going on.

Another critical point to consider is that outsourcing allows you to get as much done as possible, focusing on your business rather than the admin or other processes that don’t necessarily add to income.

So for the top three places that you can outsource, here are your best options.


Unless you are a marketing mogul, it can be very tricky to tackle the marketing and everything else that you have going on.

An outside digital marketing agency can also guide you on content creation, social media, and design. They can take a whole heap of your plate and Are more than worth the investment.


Almost all businesses will need some help with accounting at some point.

There is a lot to take into consideration. If you are not used to filing your taxes, making sure that you keep a keen eye on your business’s goings and outgoings, or don’t have significant financial hygiene, then an accountant is the perfect thing for you.

A skilled accountant will also ensure that you get all you are entitled to when it comes to credits, tax rebates, and deductibles.


Virtual assistants are one of the most important things that any small business can have.

They are multitasking extraordinaires and can handle anything from inbox management to scheduling travel or social media posts.

This is very often one of the least expensive ways to have many tasks undertaken and outsourcing. If you are looking for a virtual assistant with some specialties that might be more expensive, you can find a reasonably priced VA and highly skilled online.

Addition Option: Research

If you don’t want to manually do all of the research into your industry and possible customers, then you can hire a company to do that for you. 

Proper research is vital, so if you don’t have access to it, you cannot be sure that you are missing markets or that you aren’t meeting the expectations of your audience. Researchers will approach research from a non-biased angle, ensuring you get the insight you need rather than just what you want. 

Hiring somebody to do your research can mean that you have everything you need to move forward with your new ideas. 

Outsourcing means you can be hands-on on what matters. 
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