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The COVID-19 pandemic we’ve been experiencing since 2020 took a toll on our lives in more ways than we could have imagined. Besides the obvious contagion scare, it brought with it a myriad of issues, in the example of other serious epidemics like those of obesity and excessive stress.

Being locked up at home for weeks on end posed a threat to the behaviour of many individuals, which in turn only aggravated the already difficult modern-day problems of poor nutrition and lack of physical activity. What this means is there are currently increasingly high numbers of people amid the pandemic trying to tackle said problems and challenges.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise losing weight has become the goal of many, as taming those calories is only one piece of the complex health puzzle. The lesser the weight, the lesser the health risks in the likes of diabetes, cardiovascular problems, as well as joint aches and pains. And, in turn, the longer the lifespan!

Implement the Right Weight Loss Strategies

Luckily, the market is full of options of supplements that can come in handy with shredding the kilos. Still, it’s important to note they aren’t to be thought of as a magical solution that would allow you to get the dreamy physique with a pill a day while maintaining the same couch potato lifestyle and habits as before.

Also, there’s been a lot of scams around weight loss supplementation and products that guarantee “rapid and effective” results with minimal effort. To avoid falling prey to such false advertisements, it’s necessary to only look for credible suppliers and products that don’t sell you empty promises.

Another step you can take in addressing the issue with tried and tested solutions like supplementing with a vitamin for weight loss. Since weight changes don’t happen overnight, it’s advisable to use supplementation in a combination with other strategies. You’d be able to see the outcome you long for if you also eat balanced nutrition, do suitable exercise, carry out health checks, as well as implement lifestyle habits that are friendly towards your well-being.

Choose Your Supplements Wisely

Just because the pharmacy and supermarket’s shelves and counters are packed with supplements doesn’t mean they’re all adequate for you. Prior to the purchase, you ought to consider your weight loss goals, and the root causes for your wobbly bits to be certain you acquire the proper products.

Most of the time, a simple adjustment in your vitamin intake could do considering nutritional gaps could be behind your slow metabolism. Examples of essential minerals and vitamins to boost your bodily functions include:

  • magnesium for energy production, metabolism boost, and stress reduction;
  • chromium for decreasing body fat and increasing lean body mass;
  • vitamin A as a powerful antioxidant that’s crucial with reducing weight-gain inflammation;
  • -B-complex vitamins key for metabolising nutrients and converting them to energy;
  • iron, B3, B6 and resveratrol for burning fat;
  • vitamin D for decreasing body fat;
  • influential weight loss vitamins B5, B12, B-complex, beneficial vitamin C, and calcium for improving bodily functions.

The reason you have the green light on supplementation is because sometimes nutrition alone doesn’t provide the needed amounts of these necessary vitamins and minerals that help rev up your metabolism. And, while we’re at it, sometimes this issue can be a sign of liver intoxication too, in which case you’d also have to take care of internal cleansing.

Herbal and nutritional detox formulas would additionally reduce gastrointestinal inflammation, and relieve indigestion, gas, constipation, and bloating. Now, if besides the metabolism boost you require assistance with managing your food cravings and appetite, certain homeopathic weight loss supplements and remedies can be of help. Garcinia, apple cider vinegar, matcha tea products are a good match for your health, and are just some of the many options you can benefit from.

Maintain Balanced Nutrition and Exercise

As pointed out, supplementation isn’t the magical solution that would offer you the results in an instant. To make the most of the strategy, you’d have to do some important meal planning and mind your nutrition and portions as these steps are also helpful with the fat shredding.

Even if you don’t have the time to cook wholesome meals, or shop for fresh ingredients as often as necessary, there are companies that take this weight off your shoulders as they do the planning, shopping, and cooking for you. All you’d have to do is answer some questionnaires regarding your health and weight goals, sign up for a weekly, monthly or yearly plan, and you’d have the meals delivered to your doorstep.

Beyond the benefits of supplementation with minerals and vitamins for weight loss, teaming them up with a balanced diet and the best workout for you would ensure you get the long-term health benefits you’re after. And as a result, lower your risks of serious health conditions, and slow down the ageing process.

Do the Necessary Health Checks

If you aren’t prone to overeating, you don’t give in to mindless snacking, and you’re careful with what and how you eat and drink, yet you’re still having troubles maintaining the fitness, it could be a sign of an underlying condition. Some of the most common causes include hypothyroidism, diabetes, Cushing’s syndrome, PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome), hormonal changes and fluid retention.

Prior to getting your boost in the form of daily intake of products such as minerals and vitamins for weight loss, it’s recommended to head to the doctor’s office and carry out some health checks and blood tests to eliminate the concern of the aforementioned problems. Other issues that seemingly have nothing to do with obesity, and in fact are the main causes, are facing chronic stress and depression.

If you do happen to be experiencing some of them, the doctor can prescribe suitable treatments which would also assist you with your fitness and well-being goals at the end of the day. Leave nothing to chance!

Change Your Daily Habits

Another strategy you can adopt to combat the weight challenge is to revolutionise your lifestyle by eliminating all the poor habits and substituting them with benefits that would actually work in favour of your health goals.

For one, you may have the most balanced exercise and nutrition possible, boosted with the handy weight loss products, but unless you pay attention to how you eat and chew, you’d still be putting on weight. Remember to eat slowly, and mindfully, and chew your food properly because digestion begins in the mouth.

If you’re prone to stress over the littlest of things, perhaps it’s time you took another approach to life by implementing relaxation and stress relief solutions like aromatherapy. Adopting hobbies that you’ve long wanted to try is also advisable, since doing something you love is a surefire way of forgetting about your daily troubles.

And lastly, making sure you catch the needed z’s every night is just as essential considering poor sleep hygiene is the path towards weight gain. Eliminate all the distractions in your bedroom, avoid eating and drinking before sleep, and read a good book to set your mind at ease before drifting off to dreamland.

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