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Radiant skin – we see it in movies, and adverts on the TV, in magazines, and online.  But is it truly a reality for all of us? Even if we do not have the skincare budget of the rich and famous? Well, the truth is yes, as there are many strategies we can use to boost the health and radiance of our skin. Find out 8 of the most effective, in the post below. 

Change the way you sleep to dodge wrinkles 

We all know that wrinkles and crow’s feet are caused by things like smoking, and not using UVA UVB protection. However, not many people are aware that the way we sleep also has a lot to do with the lines that appear on our faces.  

Indeed, as we spend around a third of our lives asleep, making sure we do it right is pretty important. With that in mind, choosing silk pillowcases over cotton is a great idea. The reason is that they can help the skin retain moisture, and prevent it from drying out quite so much overnight, as well as help to stop the spread of bacteria. (With the bonus that silk pillowcases are way better for our hair too!). 

Get your blood pumping

There are so many things that you can do to stimulate blood flow to your skin. The first and most obvious is some vigorous exercise. Indeed, as well as encouraging fresh blood to be delivered to every part of your body, exercising is also great for your skin because it helps any waste and toxins drain away too. 

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There are also other helpful ways to increase the blood flow in your skin. In particular using natural products like Ginseng, applied to the skin can be very helpful. 

Reinforce and work with your skin’s natural barrier 

Your skin is a truly amazing organ. Indeed it’s the largest organ in your whole body, and it does an amazing job of keeping out all sorts of nasties that could cause your system problems. With that in mind, working with the natural barrier of your skin, strengthening it, is the best idea. To that end, you will need to choose cleansers and other products carefully to make sure they are helping to support your skin, rather than stripping it of all its natural goodness. 

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Indeed, using the wrong products for the type of skin you have can lead to inflammation, which will at best affect the look of your skin, and at worst could compromise its ability to act as an effective barrier. 

With that in mind, having your skin assed for its type or specific perception can be so helpful. Then if you struggle with issues such as oiliness, dryness, combination, or sensitive skin you can ensure you are always choosing the right products. 

Deal with blemishes in the right way 

When a spot appears it’s very tempting to grab all the treatments and coverups we have and go to town! However, this can often do more harm than good, and make the process of healing take far longer than it needs to. Squeezing spots can be a dangerous game too, because all too often infection is left inside, or more bacteria are introduced to the spot, which can cause it to become even more effective. 

That is why the best approach is to leave the post alone to take its course. Although, if this is just unacceptable to you, you may wish to use a spot patch, which is designed to pull all the infections to the surface, while forming a protective layer over the spot so new bacteria can get in. 

Of course, for people that suffer from chronic blemishes, also known as acne, a different approach is often required. The good news is that there are many products on the market such as differin gel that are designed to both reduce inflammation and keep pores clear of obstructions and infection. Although such products are very powerful, you will need to see your doctor or go through an online pharmacy assessment to get a prescription for them.

Eliminate over-exfoliation 

Now, before we get into it. I’m not saying that exfoliation is bad. It can be very helpful in sloughing off the top layers of old, dead skin, and revealing the new plumper, fresher layers underneath. However, it is vital to realize that exfoliation only works when it is done properly, and this means daily usage of exfoliating products is out! 

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Indeed, too often people get addicted to the feeling of clean new skin, and they forget that exfoliation is an aggressive process. One that our skin has to work overtime to compensate for. Put simply, by exfoliating too much you will be stripping the moisture, and protective barrier from your skin, and it’s likely to dry out and not look its best, so be sure to go easy! 

Take your makeup off! 

Last of all, if you want radiant skin you have to make sure that you take your makeup off every day, and keep your face clean. Your face should be clean before you apply your makeup in the morning, and clean before you go to bed at night. Indeed, if you can wash the makeup and drift off your face when you come home from work, rather than waiting until just before bed, that’s even better. The reason is that your pores will be freed of the often clogging nature of makeup, and will be able to breathe. 

However, when cleaning off your makeup it’s best to skip the remover wipes and use another method instead. Some wonderful microfibre cloths are washable and reusable on the market now, and they are so soft that you won’t need to rub them hard or drag your skin when cleaning it at all. Alternatively, you may wish to use the dual cleaning method, as this is super gentle on the skin but ensures all traces of makeup and the day’s nasties are gone, leaving you fresh-faced and comfortable. 

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