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Chances are that if you made a New Year’s resolution, you’ve already failed. Only about 8% of people actually achieve their goal, according to research from Kansas State University. One of the most popular resolutions is to lose weight, but it’s one of the hardest to commit to long term.

“If you start with lofty goals, it’s easy to become discouraged if you don’t meet those goals right away,” said Emily Mailey, assistant professor of kinesiology in the College of Human Ecology. “Start by trying to do something once or twice a week for short durations of about 10 to 15 minutes. Then you can build up from there. This way you can set yourself up to be successful.”

One of the best determinants of achieving your goal is your motivation, Mailey says. Often a goal is set of losing weight because a doctor advises it or to look better in a swimsuit, but if a person really wants to succeed, it’s important to have internal motivation.

“Think about your reasons for setting your goal,” Mailey said. “Internal motivators, such as wanting to feel better or have more energy, are the ones that are more sustainable because they align with more people’s personal goals and values and don’t make working out feel like a chore. If you are motivated by these internal motivators, then you can focus on these immediate positive benefits of exercise, rather than the long-term goal of losing weight.”

And look at exercise as a benefit, rather than a burden. Mailey says both moms and dads report feeling guilty about exercising and taking time away from their families, but parents should view exercise as an investment in their family. Parents also can get creative with their workout routines.

“When we hear the word exercise, we immediately have this image of sweating on the treadmill at the gym, but for a lot of people that might not be all that enjoyable,” Mailey said. “It also might not be feasible because of the cost or time commitment. I encourage people to expand their definition of what counts as exercise and explore other activities. For example, if a parent is taking their child to soccer practice, they can walk laps around the field during the practice to get some exercise.”

When wanting to achieve things in the new year we don’t need to think about what the end goal is but how we get there. It is very much about the journey and not the destination as that will take care of itself. Our habits and small daily decisions are what make us who we are. 

By starting to invest in yourself, you essentially are making sure you are looking after yourself and start taking care of your own needs. It is unfortunately something a lot of us don’t do. As mothers and partners, we end up looking after our loved ones and by the time we need to look after ourselves we are exhausted. It is just the simple things like eating right, exercising, expanding our mind by learning something new and making sure we have a balanced and happy life. Taking time to invest in yourself and work on yourself can start small and soon it will become a habit and you will naturally do it.

Look After Your Skin

There are so many skin products out that it can be really confusing. With new ones coming out all the time as well a lot of people change their skin routine so often nothing can set into work and actually help the skin as well. Everyone’s skin is individual and has different needs. There are the main types, oily, dry or combination but there is so much more to it than that. There may be sun damage, acne or eczema. Finding a routine that suits you and sticking to it is the best option. Using natural skincare like Millies Organics is always the best option as well. 

Spend More Time In Nature

Nature is a great way to get exercise and fresh air. It has been proven that being around nature reduces anxiety, stress and can make you feel happier and more at peace. The hustle and bustle of everyday life can sometimes be too much. So be sure to take regular breaks and visit local forests and woodland areas so that you can get away from it all. Try to make this part of a weekly routine and you will see the benefits. 

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