How OnlyFans Transformed an Australian Family’s Fortunes, From $2,000 to $34,000 per Month

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A struggling Australian family have turned their luck around with hard work and OnlyFans. Less than two years ago, 23-year-old “Audrey Aura”, as she’s known on OnlyFans, was the sole income earner in her household, supporting her husband and her young son, who both have autism.

Working part-time, Audrey struggled to make $2,000 a month. When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, Audrey was forced to rethink her financial plans. She stumbled across OnlyFans, the adults-only subscription service, and realised it was the ideal career for busy mums who want both financial security and the freedom to work from home.

Audrey quickly became popular on OnlyFans, earning more money in a month than she used to earn in a year. “My highest earning day was $2,500 but I average about $800-$1,800 on a normal day,” she explains.   Audrey currently a top 0.49% creator on one account, and top 3.2% on a second account, earning roughly $34,000 AUD per month.

“I’m the sole income earner for my household. My husband and toddler are both on the Autism Spectrum. We’ve had to rely on government payments, loans from family members, and even living with family at times. I work hard now so that I can support my family and set ourselves up for the future. “My favourite part of being an OnlyFans creator is the fact that I can work to my own schedule. I’m able to spend more time with my family, and work with my natural body clock.  

I’m a night owl and am most motivated to get stuff done after the sun has gone down. This job allows me to work when I feel most creative and energised.” As well as the financial rewards, Audrey found that her work on OnlyFans also improved her mental health. “This job has given me more self worth and confidence than I ever expected. I have struggled with my body image and self worth my entire life, developed anxiety and depression at age 12, and went through an eating disorder at age 15. I love my body now, I feel confident and empowered, and I’m happier than I’ve ever been.”

What’s more, her husband is 100% supportive of Audrey’s career, seeing the difference the platform has made to his wife’s self-confidence and career. Determined to share her good fortune, Audrey is an OnlyFans coach and is in the process of establishing an OnlyFans Masterclass, due to be launched in 2022. She believes OnlyFans offers a viable, flexible and profitable platform for forward-thinking females who are looking for financial security. “I didn’t start OnlyFans because it was my last resort to try make some quick money, but since I had the time on my hands and we were stuck at home, due to COVID, I decided ‘why not give it a shot’, because I had honestly thought about it for years but never had the courage to try. I’m so thankful that I bit the bullet and made an account.” 

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