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What are the health benefits of edible bird nests?

Chinese medicine has given the western world so much, from balms to soothe aches and pains, to acupuncture that can ease anxiety and stress. 

It is believed that the unique proteins found within edible bird nests help with the production of white blood cells. White blood cells are one of the ways that we fight off infections and other diseases. 

Since the bird’s nest is created by the bird itself, it contains 6 hormones that are known to help with building muscles, lower fat, helping with depression and even support women through menopause.

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How do they harvest edible bird’s nests?

Farmers offer a safe and welcoming environment for the Indian Swifts and Swiftlets to build their nest, lay the eggs, or raise the babies and leave again. The process can take over a year to complete. Once the nests are abandoned, they are collected. 

Long before the farms were available, people gathered the nests from the woods. Some of the rarest forms of edible bird’s nests are still collected from the islands of Vietnam. 

How do you eat bird’s nests?

You might be curious about how you can enjoy this delicacy! Well, many popular dishes offer bird’s nests as the main ingredient. 

Edible bird’s nest can be eaten at any time of year, but it is highly associated with the Lunar New Year, although it is recommended to eat when you have a cold, or on an empty stomach for the best results. 

The most common dish many people have heard of is Bird’s Nest Soup. It is a gelatinous soup texture that often comes as a savoury dish. However, there are also sweet versions too. 

Bird’s Nest ice is also another popular option. The nest is cooked and added to rice to give a hearty and delicious briny tasting meal. 

If you have a sweet tooth, then you might prefer to have a papaya and bird’s nest dessert – which is a melted bird’s nest combined with chunks of papaya and coconut milk. It is poured into a glass and enjoyed like typical pudding in this form. 

And that is it! A delicious, unique and exciting tasty treat that any foodie should try at least once!

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