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Outsourcing is a technique where a firm entrusts some external vendor with various business functions as it focuses on the core functions. In most cases firms prefer to outsource services such as transcription services, call center services, image manipulation, book keeping and auditing, payroll and transaction services. A business function performed from an offshore market or location is likely to be outsourced. 

Since it is pretty tricky for a single entity or individual to handle every business task, here is a list of activities that you can outsource to an external vendor. 

Book-Keeping and Accounting

Just like a morning jog, you may not want to take your time out but disregarding this art may come with several complications. You probably want to keep all the business records of your financial transactions organized, thus the need for competency. One of the audits that you need to outsource is an SMSF Audit that will assess the accuracy of your SMSF’s financial records. 

Social Media and Marketing

Since social media is no longer limited to personal communication, your business must be using various platforms for lead generation. This is never a business’s core function; thus, you can outsource it to a social media marketing agency that will engage with the customers online. Such agencies usually have well-skilled professionals for such tasks; thus, they will help your business grow. 

Tax Filing and Tax Preparation

One of the very time-consuming tasks requiring a specific set of skills is tax returns preparations, which ends up being a burden. You can lift such a burden from your business by outsourcing the function to tax consultants and experts. All you need to do is grant them temporary access to the accounting software you are using, and they will be able to generate a return on your behalf. 

Payroll Processing

In the beginning, while your business is still tiny, you may not have problems managing your payroll system, but this will not be the case as the business grows. As the number of employees grows, you will need quite a lot of time and resources to monitor the tax returns, bonuses, and benefits. Outsourcing this function is less costly and very straightforward rather than leaving it to become a nightmare in your business. 

Creative Work

Like most entrepreneurs, you probably think you can perform your designs, yet very few often achieve the desired quality. To get better results, you can leave this function to experts and focus on other critical business areas. There are various websites, such as Upwork Connect Business, where you can log in and meet several freelancers around the globe where you can choose from. 


As you seek the services to outsource in your business, you can consider the above mentioned tasks. Outsourcing some company functions may be pretty advantageous to your business in different ways including risk sharing, opportunities for growth and boosting efficiency and effectiveness. You will also be able to concentrate on the core functions of your business thus the smooth running and operations.

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