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Setting out to go traveling on your own can be a daunting thing to do, but for some, it’s all they have ever dreamed of. Perhaps it is your dream too. If you’ve ever come up with a whole long list of places to go and things to do and you don’t want anyone to come between you and your plans, traveling alone might be absolutely perfect for you. If, however, you’re a little nervous at the prospect and traveling alone was never really part of the plan, but it has just happened to be how things have worked out, don’t worry. Here’s a list of reasons why traveling alone can be the best experience you’ll ever have.

Do Your Own Thing

When you’re traveling in a group, or even with just one other person, getting to do everything you want isn’t always possible. You’ll need to take everyone else’s ideas and opinions into account, which can mean you lose out, especially if there is a vote and you’re in the minority. When you’re on your own, that won’t happen. You can plan exactly what you want to do when you want to do it. You can change your plans whenever you feel like it without having to run it past anyone first. If someone mentions a wonderful place that you just have to visit while you’re in the area, you can simply go. Do what you want when you want to, and don’t worry about pleasing other people. Now that’s real freedom, and you don’t get that when you’re traveling in a larger group. 

You Can Say No 

If you are invited to a party, for example, or to tag along with another group of travelers, you might want to say yes, in which case, have fun! You can do all kinds of things when you’re in a makeshift group, such as joining in with extreme sports or just sitting around a campfire talking. Yet if you really do want to be on your own, you can just as easily say no. That’s hugely empowering, and it’s not something that you might be able to do quite so easily when there is a group of you traveling together. Being able to say no means you can have an early night when you want to, go out with a different group, or do something entirely different without feeling guilty. It’s not often that you get to do something like that. 

You Can Save Money 

Traveling alone is less expensive than traveling in a group, and when you’re on a tight budget, as many backpacking travelers tend to be, that is an important thing to remember and enjoy. Although each traveler will probably pay their own way regarding hostel rooms or campsites, it’s the other things that can soon add up, and you can end up paying them even if you hadn’t intended to spend any money. Take going out for a meal, for example. When you’re in a group, and the check is split between you, you will potentially spend more than if you had gone out on your own and only paid for what you ate. The same with going out for drinks – if there is a large group of you and one person buys a round, you will need to do the same, which can be pricey.If you’re on your own, you can make all the spending decisions you need to without being ‘forced’ to buy things you didn’t want. That means you’ll have more money to do the things you have always dreamed of, from buying the best equipment at ECOGEAR FX to going somewhere truly unique, and your traveling experience will be all the richer for it.

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