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YouTube stars Beau Brooks and Brooke Roberts have packed up everything and given up their metro lives for a soul quenching journey through the Australian outback.

From custom van builds to walking through crocodile infested waters, driving through cyclones, getting bogged in muddy trails, attempting to purify salt water and even eating animals they weren’t even sure they knew the name of; This dynamic duo have broken every expectation they formed when planning this trip of a lifetime.

Beau and Brooke – both successful YouTube stars in their own right – decided in late 2021 to leave the drone of their sleepless cities behind them and shoot off under the Australian sun in search of adventure, laughs and outback living education.

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Inspired by renowned YouTube outback survivalists such as Field Days, Back 2 Basics and YBS Youngbloods, the pair of young wild eyed youtubers built a custom van and began their journey; filming and editing videos that they released on their new YouTube channel Gone Wild Australia.

By no means are these pop sensations well accustomed to the outback lifestyle. Testament to their novice, these boys didn’t manage to catch their first fish on camera until the 4th episode released on their channel.

Famous to Homeless: Life After Fame – Beau Brooks & Brooke Roberts ep 21

“We didn’t really have much experience with surviving out in the wild at all, but we wanted to give it a go anyway. The goal wasn’t necessarily to be the best but it was to go through the learning process and to document that for our subscribers so that they could learn too… and also just to have a laugh” – Beau Brooks (Gone Wild Australia)

Though they have experienced some of the greatest thrills in their life so far, the challenges that these lads have set for themselves are by no understanding easy feats. Their very first adventure and survival challenge saw them venture out into the wild for 24 hours without fresh drinking water, shelter or any food to eat. In this video Brooke was set with the challenge of starting a campfire to keep them warm at night, with nothing other than a plastic sandwich bag.

What sets these two dreamers apart from the rest of the outback survival greats like Bear Grylls for example, is their immediate lack of knowledge and experience in the field. Determined not to let that stop them, it has become more of a testament to their personal strength and character. Paving the way for and inspiring other metro boys and girls to commit to the same experiences and adventures.

Brooke and Beau work tirelessly to film and edit all of their own content to bring to their patreons and fans around the globe. There’s no one telling them where they have to be, what they have to say or what they have to do. And they are loving that freedom; proving to the world that it is possible not just to survive in the wild but to generate an income following their lust for adventure as well.

“Look none of this would be possible at all if it wasn’t for our amazing patreons and subscribers. People from all around the world who have put their time and money into helping us achieve this journey. We’re both just so incredibly grateful for all the support we’ve seen come our way and I’m not gonna lie there’s been times where if it wasn’t for that support, I don’t know if we would have made it this far.” – Brooke Roberts (Gone Wild Australia)


While the journey so far certainly has been filled with incredible experiences that Beau and Brooke will cherish for the rest of their life, it is not always smooth sailing for the pair of adventurers. Having to forgo any semblance of a lifestyle of comfort and ease has seen them wrestle with the isolation of being away from family and friends, removing any lifelines they could possibly lean on. Their home is literally their van or the dirt on the ground. All personal hygiene and health maintenance, along with laundry duties are all performed in the confines of public spaces.

But this lack of privacy dims in comparison to the spectacular sights they witness out in the quiet whispers of the Australian bush. Both Brooke and Beau understand that this journey will not go on forever, so these sacrifices they’ve made seem a small price to pay for the journey of a lifetime.

“The hardest part of living on the road is not having the security blanket of your family to fall back on. The independence that comes from this lifestyle allows me to enjoy all the things I’ve learnt that I wouldn’t get to, if I was still stuck inside my comfort zone. The memories of catching a tuna the size of my body or toughing out the rain with no shelter the whole night long. Are the memories that continue to remind me of my inner strength, they remind me that anything is possible. Also seeing the generosity and the lengths that strangers will go through to help us while we’ve been on the road has been incredible. It’s restored my faith in humanity for sure.” – Beau Brooks (Gone Wild Australia)


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Brooke Roberts & Beau Brooks – Gone Wild Australia

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