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Last night’s launch party celebrated not one but two new destination experiences turning the Alexandria precinct into the ultimate funtertainment venue. More than 400 celebrities, media and influencers were brought together to the opening of the new escape room venue, Hijinx Hotel and adjacent sister-venue, Holey Moley which boasts a grand course larger than its Potts Point and Newtown spaces.

Attendees included newly announced The Masked Singer judge and millennial It Girl, Abbie Chatfield; Australia’s favourite ‘gronk’, Carla from Bankstown; Big Brother contestants, Joel NotleyGabby KeevilTaras Hrubyj-Piper and Johnson Ashak; beloved entertainment reporter and certified King of the JungleRichard ReidUnderbelly and House Husbands star Firass Dirani; Married at First Sight alumni, Jackson LonieCody BromleyCarolina SchmidtDaniel Holmes and Selin Mengu; Instagram royalty, Suzan Mutesi and many more.

Four sparkling Rolls-Royces lined the red carpet as a feast of colour, texture and shapes were showcased in the vibrant fitout taking visitors into a hybrid world of psychadelic Willy Wonka and New York style hotel lobby.

The Hijinx Hotel opens the first 10 of its challenge rooms tonight with another five to follow in the coming weeks:

  • Adore-a-ball where layers need to find the gold balls amongst the pit of clear balls, and insert them through a target. For every gold ball that goes through the target, your team will earn one point.
  • Shape’n Up is a pattern of blocks will appear on the back wall and your team needs to match the pattern using the foam pieces. For every correct sequence, you’ll score a point.
  • Neon Daydream is the challenge room where a ball is released from the top of a wall & players will have 6 handles around the room to manoeuvre paddles to redirect the ball down the pinball machine.
  • In Alley-Oops, every shot punters make through the hoop is worth one point. Be on the lookout, when all lights under a basket are lit, the next is worth bonus points.
  • Draw Me Like One Of Your French Girls is a dash to keep your ship afloat, in which the team must find all the leaks.
  • Breakfast of Champions (Cereal Bowl) requires teams to find gold balls in the ball pit and insert them through the target on the milk cartoon to earn points
  • Poke A Dot is a test of speed and reflex. When any of the many buttons in this room illuminates, your team has to push the button as quickly as possible. This repeats, with more buttons being active and for an increasingly shorter duration.
  • Major Minor is a game of memory as teams must recall the giant floor piano keys that light up and play the sequence without making a mistake;
  • In Carnivalley, throw balls into the carnival creature’s mouths to earn points.
  • Scrambled requires the correct spelling of words with giant lettered cubes. A correct answer only gets the next clue.

As guests moved through the space seamlessly into the next door Holey Moley space, Casamigos Tequila served up watermelon and classic margaritas while DJ Ya Girl Party B kept the mingling crowd entertained into the evening with roving performances by juggling bellboys, trench coat paparazzi and Charleston-themed feathered performers.

The brand new, never-before-seen ‘mega’ Holey Moley surpasses its current sister-venues as it evokes Alice in Wonderland vibes of 27 fully embellished themed holes that make full use of the the 14 metre high ceilings! Featuring the Giant AvocadoPirate ShipJaws and Honey I Shrunk the Kidsthemed holes, this is a not-to-be-missed extravaganza of unparalleled proportions.

Blaise Witnish, Chief Growth & Innovation Officer at Funlab, describes the fully realised O’Riordan Street destination saying,“Hijinx Hotel is like nothing we’ve ever done, or that the world has ever seen before. It’s perfect for the young and young at heart who are wildly sentimental or love a throwback.

Not only are we stoked to be giving the precinct this brand new and exciting concept, we think the addition of our biggest EVER Holey Moley venue will add even more fun-factor to Alexandria, and the existing Archie Brothers Cirque Electriq venue, and further establish it as the perfect place for an epic day or night out.

There are so many curated details to make every aspect of the precinct memorable, and of course, a blast to experience. The team has let their imaginations run wild and we are thrilled to finally open the doors on Hijinx Hotel and the mega Holey Moley.”

Hijinx Hotel and Holey Moley Alexandria both join Archie Brothers Cirque Electriq at the 75 O’Riordan Street site.

A special thanks to Feature Communications for the invitation.

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