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Dirty Pig is a passionate expedition initiated by three brothers from Melbourne Australia. From a young age Beau, Luke and Jai Brooks garnered a keen interest in the power of YouTube and the beauty of self-expression which it fostered. Recognizing the demand for a clothing brand that reflected the same spirit of freedom and individuality, the brothers came together with a plan to found Dirty Pig

Since the very beginning, Dirty Pig has operated with the initiative being to celebrate what makes each of us unique. The brand quickly gained a large following from those who are aligned in the same interests and people who wanted to express themselves in confidence.

Coming soon at Dirty Pig.

Over the years, Dirty Pig has continued to grow and evolve, but their commitment to self-expression has never waned. Dirty Pig remains proud in offering a diverse range of clothing and accessories that sanction the freedom of expression for individuals; in their own unique way. So whether you’re looking for a bold new look or just want to add a little edge to your wardrobe, Dirty Pig has the cleanest and freshest seasonal looks.

Bold prints, bright colours, and unique cuts! Dirty Pig has got something for all flavours and tastes.

Dirty Pig encourages you to not be afraid to stand out from the crowd! Let Dirty Pig help show the world who you really are.

Coming Soon at Dirty Pig.

Here’s to 10 years of Dirty Pig and many more to come!

We spoke with Beau – one of the founding brothers of Dirty Pig to get a bit of an insight into exactly where things all started. “Growing up my family didn’t have much money, we couldn’t afford the latest in season fashion. We made do with what we had and never asked for much more. In year 9 at high school (age 15) I remember getting my first pair of vans – (shoes) which I treasured – I over wore those shoes but made sure that they were always clean. To the rich students at school I was an outfit repeater but in my eyes those vans symbolised attitude, they expressed my style. Creating Dirty Pig is our way of doing what vans did for us, hopefully for everyone else in a similar position.” Beau Brooks, Founder.

‘Dirty Pig’ is colloquial language denoting someone that is rude, slightly disgusting or even unkempt. Beau explained that in his household growing up this term was used fairly regularly between each other in a humorous expression of endearing disappointment. “We got caught saying it on camera and it instantly became an expression used world wide within our audience. It became such a daily online reminder that when thinking of a clothing brand that was the name that stood out.” – Beau Brooks, Founder.

Dirty Pig founder Beau Brooks.

May 2023 will feature over 10 new products released. From shirts, shorts, hoodies, track suits, jeans, leggings, socks, singlets, hats, beanies and necklaces. Everything from new embroidered tee’s, to the first original vinyl print Dirty Pig face on hoodies to new release activewear.

Beau, Luke and Jai work tirelessly all year round to ensure all available items are produced in house. First, careful consideration is taken in choosing material, before a 2 step process in design, prior to manufacture. “First we agree to a design together from gathered inspirations, then Jai hand paints the design on canvas and Luke then edits it on the computer for touch ups. We have funded our close family friend with two machines, an embroidery machine and a vinyl cutting / heat press machine.” Explains Beau. The process of either embroidering or heat pressing is heavily scrutinised by the Brooks brothers and a close circle of trustworthy advisors, all convened together with a singular focus in delivery of the greatest achievable outcome.

Coming soon to Dirty Pig.

When discussing future plans for Dirty Pig, Beau explains that “the goal is to keep bringing out new designs and styling options. We would like to increase our range for women, we’ve been toying with some designs for underwear and bras. We’re all excited about activewear too, being health junkies ourselves. Through all the expanding though, we want to ensure our main focus is on the street wear style of clothing. We want the brand to continue to exist as a legacy and direct statement of everything we stood for on youtube. And of course dreams of Dirty Pig becoming a household clothing brand name!”

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Beau Brooks discusses the foundations of Dirty Pig.

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