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If you’re looking to manage the stress in your life, learning some stress reduction techniques is a very good idea, but you also need to look at the sources of that stress. While it’s not likely to be the biggest source, by any means, it can be the case that your own home is doing more to hinder than to help. Here, we’re going to look at common sources of stress in the home, and how you can help return it to the zen den that you need.

Mess and disorganization

It’s easy to fall behind the cleaning routine, and to let the dust build up, or to neglect a spill that can become a stain. However, the condition we allow our surroundings to be in and quickly become a reflection of our self-esteem. Failing to take care of our home is failing to take care of ourself. Start cleaning a little bit at a time, and create a cleaning routine that helps you stick to it, or you might even want to consider hiring a team of housecleaners to give the place that deep clean so you can start your routine fresh.


Even if your home is technically tidy, it can still be messy. If you have too many bits of decor, too many pieces of furniture, or just too many objects sitting out in general, it might be a lot more cluttered than you realize, and clutter is a significant factor in exacerbating stress. If you can’t sell, donate, or give away all of the items that no logner have a place, you might want to consider using a storage unit. You can make sure that you have a place for your extras until you decide what to do with them.

It’s too noisy

If you live in the city or even by a busy road, then you shouldn’t neglect to do something about the noise that can come in through the walls. Having to listen to other peoples’ noise, especially when you’re trying to sleep, can greatly increase your stress. You should look at the soundproofing steps you can take with your home. There might be a lot that you can do to make sure less noise is able to make it in the home, giving you a slightly more peaceful life, at least.

Digital media in the bedroom

Although it’s somewhat diminishing now, there was a big trend of making sure that every bedroom had a computer or a PC that you could glom your eyes on late at night. However, more recently, people have been getting used to the idea that these devices and the blue light that they produce actually make it harder to ge tto sleep and keep your mind active for longer, which can greatly contribute to sleep. Try and keep devices with screens out of the bedroom, if possible.

Your home should be helping you relax and recover from the day, not making things worse. The tips above should help with that.

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