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Trapped in a gondola over the Russian wilderness

Media Screening – (Breakaway / Original Title – отрыв)
Teen Thriller (Russia)
Duration: 90 minutes

A teen thriller to enjoy your late Halloween celebrations.  What brings genius to the simple plot of friendship and love being celebrated on New Year’s Eve is the length of time the script holds the audience’s attention throughout the entire film with much of it taking place in a gondola after it breaks down halfway to its final destination.

Creative dream sequences, aerial cinematography and scenescapes of the Russian mountain ranges are tactfully used to build suspense and propel the story between the friends who begin turning on one another.

Screen Shot 2019-10-20 at 6.05.52 AM.png

The characters aren’t developed enough for us to genuinely connect with them, little is given to establish relationship pairings, relationship statuses, friendship dynamics so when the catalyst for the film to gear into full throttle arrives it washes over you.

Screen Shot 2019-10-20 at 6.06.09 AM.png

The rapid descent into madness from hunger and hypothermic effects on rationality by some of the characters is a little hard to swallow at times, however in saying that, Breakaway satisfies the codes and conventions of the teen film genre and is a great escape for date night.

Showing at the following Event cinemas:

Russian Resurrection Films screening as part of the festival in:

  • Perth (Oct 25-30, 2019)
  • Brisbane (Nov 5-13, 2019)
  • Canberra (Nov 6-10, 2019)
  • Sydney (Nov 7-17, 2019)
  • Melbourne (Nov 8-17, 2019)
  • Gold Coast (Nov 9-10, 2019)
  • Adelaide (Nov 14-17, 2019)

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They look forward to your visit – GPO site now open and restored to its former glory

The Fullerton Hotel Sydney opened its doors as The Grand Dame of No. 1 Martin Place last week and we’re taking you on a tour give you on a glimpse into the luxury they have in-store for us on our next stay.

Preferred Hotels & Resorts is the world’s largest independent hotel brand, representing more than 750 distinctive hotels, resorts, residences, and unique hotel groups across 85 countries.  Through its five global collections, Preferred Hotels & Resorts connects discerning travelers to the singular luxury hospitality experience that meets their life and style preferences for each occasion.

Fullerton Sydney.007“We encourage our guests to embark on memorable journeys that are deeper, more colourful and more rewarding when they stay in our one-of-a-kind, landmark luxury hotels with prime addresses that are destinations unto themselves,” said Cavaliere Giovanni Viterale, General Manager of The Fullerton Hotels and Resorts. “We are excited to open The Fullerton Hotel Sydney in a landmark building that is steeped in character and history. It is our aim to provide hotel guests and visitors with heartfelt hospitality and memorable experiences, all while showcasing the beauty and heritage of the former Sydney GPO building to a wider audience both nationally and globally,” added Cavaliere Giovanni Viterale.

Fullerton Sydney.008Committed to its role as custodians of heritage, The Fullerton Hotels and Resorts is renowned for its dedication to preserving buildings and their stories. Known as the city’s rendezvous location, where Sydneysiders dressed to the nines meet beneath the GPO clock completed in the mid-20th century, the building commands a prominent social and physical position in the city.

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Ready or Not: Here they come! The halloween flick of the season

Media Screening 
On Assignment: Sydney Scoop – Editor: Rebecca Varidel
Psychological Thriller (USA)
Duration: 87 minutes
In Cinemas Thursday 24 October

It was customary for ancient civilizations to gather at the colosseum and watch the brut force and perverted excitement of chase and attack between gladiators, fighting to the death.   The decorum of today’s modern society has refined itself to the easy low expectation pasttime of a good old fashion psychology thriller and slasher film which in this film takes the a game of ‘hide and seek’ to extreme levels.

There’s a general formula we expect when it comes to horror:

1. the reliving of a past memory, a trauma triggered by an anniversary – tick, we’re given a glimpse into the past in the opening frames that sets the course of two brothers and the roles they play within their family

2. mind games, murder chase sequences – tick, the bride to be strangely enough, meets her in-laws for the first time and ends up with all of them out to kill

3. a triumphant hero with an opening to a sequel or displaced happy but satisfying ‘happy’ ending – tick. 

For fans of the horrorfest, it’s got the comedy and humor of the Addams Family and Scream, the  intricate family dynamics of Dynasty and Downton Abbey with the feminist touch of The Last Jedi and Dark Phoenix. 

Screen Shot 2019-10-23 at 12.28.28 AM.png

It takes the dream wedding day, locks it into a multi million dollar mansion, hands all family members an antique weapon and turns it into a disturbing game of survival for the bride as part of her initiation into the family. 

Screen Shot 2019-10-23 at 12.29.04 AM.png

The Le Domas family are the fictitious equivalent of Milton Bradley or Parker Brothers have made their billion dollar empire on board games and fittingly so, a tradition for new members entering the family is to play a game. Sometimes it’s chess, sometimes it’s Old Maid, but every now and again, it’s a deadly game of hide and seek as part of some age old pact the patriarch of the family made with the devil a lifetime ago.  Whoops!

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The underground resistance of the holocaust

Media Screening – The Mover (Original title: Tēvs Nakts)
Drama / History (Latvia)
Duration: 97 minutes


When it comes to one of the darkest moments in human history, we often only hear from two perspectives.   Latvian film, The Mover (Tēvs Nakts) screens as part of the curation in this year’s  Jewish International Film Festival and tells the true story of ordinary blue-collar worker, Zanis Lipke, a ‘sympathiser’ of the persecuted during World War II.

Latvia has been the punching bag of warring countries, (then) U.S.S.R and Germany during this period, reduced to a term or clause in a non-aggression pact.

Davis Simanis Jr. shines new light on a controversial subject from the perspective of onlookers witnessing the savagery of the concentration camps.  In context, the background to the film’s setting is chilling.  Riga harbored Jews extracted from Germany, Austria and Czech Republic.  History tells us that 70,000 Jews were killed in Latvia during Nazi occupation after being forced to work in concentration camps for large German corporations.  Standard policy at this time were for Jewish minors and those over 30 to be killed by gunfire. 

The alliances of Latvian nationals is intricately tied to their experiences of attacks and occupation by Russia and Germany pitting neighbours, friends and families against one another.   Further complicating the dynamic is the segregation and attack on the Jewish community.   We watch Zanis Lipke’s struggle, like many others who try to turn away from the devastation around him as it’s the only way to survive under the new regime and protect his family.

Some powerful moments in the most simplest of dialogues include when Zanis’  5 year old son, asks why he turned away his schoolmate and her Jewish father after being asked to take her in.  His elder adolescent son being called to serve in the German forces and the separation of Jews turning into physical destruction of his city, are major catalyst in the shift that takes place throughout the film.  A few close calls and massacre of those he begins taking in at a local cinema and an underground bunker he creates aren’t enough to detract him from continuing his dangerous work.

Not only does this film capture the horror of an era of inhumanity, but for the first time, so effectively, takes us into the mind of onlookers of the atrocities in a way that no history book can.  Through Arturs Skrastins‘ (Zanis Lipke) stellar performance,  the

Screen Shot 2019-10-20 at 1.55.31 AM
Click here for full program

audience is taken deep into the challenge an outsider has in maintaining their humanity while an opportunity exists to prevent inhumanties from occuring.   This is the core plot of the movie as history as we know it plays out in the film that chips away at Zanis’ initial position.

It’s a great reminder that honours the lives that were lost, and an under celebrated kudos to the lives that were saved thanks to many like Lipke who endangered their lives running operations like his in secret.

Showing at the following cinemas:
Classic Cinemas, Elsternwick
Lido Cinemas, Hawthorn
Ritz Cinema, Randwick

Screen Shot 2019-10-20 at 12.35.54 AM.png

Cover Image: Mistrus Media / Jewish International Film Festival Australia

It’s all in your Dappertude: A style king’s masterclass

On Assignment for Sydney Scoop
Editor: Rebecca Varidel

From Guy Sebastian, to Tim Robards, Robert Whitaker, Jamie Oliver, Axel Whitehead and more – Jeff Lack’s eye for fashion has shaped the looks and styling of high profile athletes, entertainers, models and celebrities.  His career in the Australian fashion industry spans more then three decades constituting the genesis of the core philosophy in his FCS (Fit Colour & Style) system of styling.  He’ll be hosting the annual style seminar, Dappertude now in it’s fourth year. 


For the lads who aren’t familiar with this annual event, it’s one day a year when men can asked the questions that society might have led them to believe they weren’t allowed to ask.  Such modern times we live in and so much more appropriate now as we’ve seen many of the high end fashion houses this year come into their own continuing the ongoing trend changing the conventions of conservative mens fashion.

Screen Shot 2019-10-22 at 3.28.00 AM.png

Expert speakers from tailoring to grooming, accessorising and fragrance are being assembled complete with interactive model demonstration to break down the most basic questions so many of us still don’t have the answer to.  From the colors that best suit your skin tone, to the silhouettes best suited to your body shape and really get a reality check and reconcile what you think you look good in against the realities of the expert masterclass.

Saturday 26 October at 10am is when the action begins at the new incarnation of the Heritage –  Jackalberry Bar at the Hyatt Regency.   Up close and personal with the style crew, not only is it a day for educating and inspiring, a networking opportunity with likeminded gentlemen too.  Jackal berry will feature their seasonal culinary creation against a backdrop of demonstrations and showcases from Pacifico Optical, Thomas George Collection, GentSac and Trimly to name a few.

Tickets are priced $80 per person including the full seminar, goodie bag, breakfast and lunch which are selling fast. 

Grab yours here!

Screen Shot 2019-10-10 at 10.16.05 PM.png

Screen Shot 2019-10-22 at 3.28.00 AM.png

The 1 year Countdown celebration to World Expo 2020

The UAE came together this morning to celebrate One Year to Go until Expo 2020 Dubai opens its doors, with spectacular events in all seven emirates marking the milestone moment in style and offering a tantalising taste of what’s to come at the World’s Greatest Show.

Global superstar Mariah Carey headlined celebrations in Burj Park, Downtown Dubai – treating the audience to hour-long sets packed with their greatest hits.

Top-class events were held simultaneously in the six other emirates, at Louvre Abu Dhabi, Al Majaz Waterfront in Sharjah, Ajman Museum, Umm Al Quwain Corniche, Al Qawasim Corniche in Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah Fort – a total of 100 artists from 26 countries highlighting the modern society’s rich talent pool.

Expo 2020 Dubai will bring together 192 participating nations and an anticipated 25 million visits, showcasing the best in technology, architecture, gastronomy, culture and more while also exploring how humanity can shape a more sustainable tomorrow through the theme ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’.

The origins of Arnold Schwarzenegger, the controversial Dr. Ruth and gay porn star Jonathan Agassi

Featuring 60 films from 23 countries, the Jewish Film Festival builds on almost 30 years of bringing the best of Jewish cinema to Australia, presenting 28 features, 29 documentaries, and full season screenings of three superb TV series to audiences in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Canberra.

“This year’s Festival celebrates stories of people who have forged new paths – from the groundbreaking sexual therapist Dr Ruth Westheimer and the late actor Anton Yelchin, to innovators like Lea Gottlieb, the designer behind the iconic Gottex bather brand,” said Jewish International FilmFestival Artistic Director, Eddie Tamir.  “We are also thrilled to present the premieres of three excellent Australian films; a great selection of American indie titles; compelling stories from the Holocaust era; and Jojo Rabbit – one of the strongest films we have ever presented.”


3 Must-See movies at Jewish Film Festival:

Bigger: is the story of fitness pioneer, Joe Weider, a Jewish child of the Depression whose obsession with weight training and bodybuilding was born from aspiration to strengthen and emancipate himself from schoolyard prejudice.  of weight-training and bodybuilding, and ultimately creates a fitness empire.  We fall his beginning through to the the late 1960s, where he nurtured an unknown Austrian named Arnold Schwarzenegger to worldwide acclaim on the Mr. Olympia/Mr. Universe circuit.

Showing at the following cinemas:
Event Cinemas Morley
Cameo Cinemas Belgrave
Classic Cinemas Elsternwick
Ritz Cinemas Randwick

Screen Shot 2019-10-19 at 4.53.39 PM.png

Melbourne Fitness Show Preview:  Press Play to Listen
Health & Fitness Editor, Chris Walker interviews pro-bodybuilder and Ninja Warrior Australia contestant, Kwame Duah.  We see a different side to the fitness influencer who talks candidly about the challenges both physically and mentally after a bicep tear that almost threatened his career

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