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Taking all your annual leave leads to a more productive worker

Research by WorkScore shows that employees who take their annual leave are more productive, less stressed and happier than those who don’t take their leave.

Reviewing the scores of over 250  employees:

  • 1 in 5 employees have not taken annual leave in the last 12 months
  • 40% feel that their workplace does not encourage staff to take annual leave benefits;  and
  • 45% felt either guilty or anxious before taking leave.

WorkScore asked employees to rate their productivity when at work and found that those who rated below average also felt more anxious and guilty prior to taking leave, and 50% of this group checked work emails regularly (most days) when on leave.  Whilst those employees that rated above average for productivity felt less anxious and guilty prior to taking leave and only 30% checked in regularly, giving them a chance to switch off from work and relax. This group also rated that their workplace actively encourages them to take their leave benefits which is a win – win for both business and employee.

shutterstock_769261564.jpgSuzanne Deeming co – founder of WorkScore states “the good news is that employees are recognizing that taking annual leave is a way to improve wellbeing and reduce burnout”.  The WorkScore survey found that employees site preventing “burn out”, exhaustion or stress, improving personal health/wellness and better work life balance as the main reasons they take their leave.

However, companies aren’t as quick to recognize the need as a staggering 40% of employees rated that work does not encourage leave.

Suzanne Deeming co-founder states “encouraging employees to take their full annual leave entitlement should become a business priority as it improves employee productivity, morale and reduces stress. Workplaces should also discourage employees from working whilst on leave and allow them to fully switch off from work.


August Movie Guide

Main attractions hitting the big screen this month include the much anticipated The Fast and Furious spin-off, we re-enter the world of the Matrix as it turns 20 years old,  while Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio team up for the latest film by Quentin Tarentino!

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Add the complexity and unique flavour of Russell’s Reserve Private Select Limited Edition to your cocktails

The growing appeal of private batch and single barrell programmes has paved the way for great depth in the landscape of bourbon for the most serious of conoisseurs.   In an Australian exclusive, Wild Turkey recently launched Russell’s Reserve Private Select Limited Edition bourbon, hand-picked by Master Distiller Eddie Russell.  Deeply complex with flavours of caramel, liquorice and vanilla, with subtle nuances derived from the barrel in which it matures, try these two cocktail recipes when entertaining your guests.

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Get ready to party with The Wiggles: 345 shows across the country!

The Wiggles have recently celebrated 28 years of entertaining millions of fans across the globe. They now have more than 385,000 social media followers and have sold over 30 million CDs & DVDs and 8 million books. More than 70 CD and DVD releases later, The Wiggles have earned 18 x gold12 x platinum3 x double-platinum and 10 x multi-platinum awards for their music and DVD sales and have been awarded 13 x ARIA Awards for Best Children’s Album (making ARIA history as the most awarded ARIA winner in the one category, and being inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame).

They will explode onto stages all around Australia, when they bring their brand-new ‘Party Time! Big Show!’ around the country this November, December and February! The ‘Party Time! Big Show’ will feature all your favourite Wiggles songs such as ‘Do the Propeller!’, ‘E-M-M-A’, ‘Hot Potato’ and ‘Rock-a- Bye Your Bear’, as well as some hits from their dazzling new ‘Party Time!’ album and more Wiggly classics! Emma, Lachy, Simon and Anthony will be joined by Dorothy the Dinosaur, Captain Feathersword, Henry the Octopus and Wags the Dog as well as their brand-new Wiggly Friend; Shirley Shawn the Unicorn. You’ll also see the Wiggly Dancers, Santa Claus, dancing reindeers and much more!

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Young Picasso: The psychological autopsy of brilliance

Media Screening
Duration: 91 minutes


Young Picasso is the “latest cinematic immersion into the world’s best loved art, accompanied by insights from the world’s leading historians and arts critics.”  It’s a psychological autopsy of one of the most brilliant visual artists in modern times. 

Director, Phil Grabsky plots the life of Pablo Picasso as he draws on the sophisticated expertise and vast collection of Picasso’s works and memorabilia from 5 major European museums – Museo Picasso Málaga,  Fundación Picasso-Museo Casa Natal, Málaga, where he was born; Museu Picasso de Barcelona, where the most extensive collection of his early works is held;  Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya, Barcelona and the Musée national Picasso-Paris, in the city Picasso called home.

In addition to his rare and renowned paintings, are letters from friends, lovers and family.  Historians and curators delve into the mind of Picasso, allowing us to rediscover and appreciate a new meaning to his masterpieces.

“A smell of mould and neglect caught me by the throat but i forced myself to stay to examine theses masks.  All these objects people had created with a sacred magical purpose to serve as intermediaries between them and the unknown…  And then I understood what painting really meant.  It’s not an aesthetic process, it’s a form of magic that interposes itself between us and the hostile universe.  A means of seizing power by imposing a form on our terrors as well as on our desires….  The day I understood that, I found my path”
– Pablo Picasso

Screening in cinemas across Australia from August 1

Screen Shot 2019-07-21 at 2.07.43 AM.png

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Kahlua’s study finds half of the people who missed a life moment were trying to capture it on Social media

shutterstock_254896714.jpgActively championing the sentiment of life, in a Kahlua survey of millennials, over 90% said it’s important to live in the moment, while more than half have missed an important moment because they were trying to capture it for their social media chanels.  The irony!

Kahlua-ZeroLikes-ExhibitionThe Zero Likes Given exhibition by Kahlua, hosted by ‘Orange is the new Black’ actress Jackie Cruz, calls on people to remember what real life is about and to enjoy life in the moment.   The initiatives hopes to liberate as an opportunity to brush up on skills that involve genuine human connection by substituting their virtual sense of selves and appreciating real life moments.

Kahlua’s study also found more than a third of people check for likes a minute or less after posting.
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Prototype: Experimental Theatre – delivered to your inbox FREE each Tuesday

It’s the new virtual screening room and exhibition space which delivers a new video from an emerging artist into your inbox every Tuesday.   Its a clever innovation that turns the world of pop-ups and film events into an episodic format synonymous with the subscription and  on-demand service

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