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The women of Downton Abbey on reprising their roles for film

Opening weekend of Downton Abbey saw it smash Brad Pitt and Sylvester Stallone’s filma, Ad Astra and Rambo: Last Blood out of the park reeling in USD$30 million (AUD$44.3m) playing in over 3000 venues worldwide.

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Styling the Crawleys

The rich tapestry of characters of Downton Abbey offers much to play with for the teams in costume, hair and makeup design.

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At the same time, the 1920s color pallette throughout the television show’s tenure would never see a lady of the house in red or pink.   The cuts and flow of garments enhance a scene setting the stage for a character’s entrance and exit and adds to the script unspoken dialogue that can be quite compelling.

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The Downton Effect: A sphere of influence

The impact of 6 seasons and its 52 episodes of Downton Abbey still leaves an imprint in today’s television landscape.   190,000 tweets, 24 million impressions in its final season with an estimated fanbase of 120 million worldwide.  Its accolades include 11 Emmy wins, 2 British Academy of Film & Television Awards, 3 Screen Actors Guilds Awards and a Producers Guild Award.  So there’s no question why the release today is one that’s fills the void of many since it ended 4 years ago and has the makings of a blockbuster success.   It’s UK premiere in Leicester Square brought together cast members onto the red carpet after 6 years demonstrating the show’s continued sphere of influence. 

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