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The new genetics testing platform

The advances in science in modern times allows us to become more proactive with our healthcare.   Understanding our genetic makeup may help lower the risks of developing an illness or disease we may have biological predispositions to.  A leading ASEAN company, Genecare, is one genetics testing company that allows clients to better understand their risks.  The company makes use of whole genome sequencing to detect a client’s genetic variance and susceptibility to diseases or abnormalities.  Once ready, the results will be uploaded onto Genecare’s app called NexTx (Google Play Store or Apple Store).

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New Western Sydney trail promises fun for families and serious runners!

Screen Shot 2019-04-16 at 12.20.33 PMWhether you’re an experienced runner who clocks up the kilometres on a weekly basis or a mum to young ones keen to introduce them to the joys of outdoor fun – get ready for Western Sydney Parklands Trail Run, a brand new outdoor event for runners of all ages and experiences.

Taking place in the spectacular Western Sydney Parklands – Sydney’s Biggest Backyard on Saturday 22 June, 2019, the inaugural event offers up four course distances: 35km, 19km, 11km and a 4km Family Fun Run. There’s also a 1.6km Kids Dash for youngsters who are fresh to the running scene.

We’re thrilled to give competitors a taste of the beauty and diversity of our parklands. With more than 60 kilometres of tracks and trails, spanning over 5000 hectares from Blacktown in the north to Liverpool in the South,  Sydney’s Biggest Backyard offers a unique range of challenging terrain, combined with breath-taking views, natural bushland settings, award winning playgrounds and picnic facilities”,  said Suellen Fitzgerald, Executive Director of Western Sydney Parklands.

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Basics to Building Muscle with Rafe Brooks, Elite Athlete

Building muscle is a huge component of many fitness enthusiasts idea of a healthy body.  It holds many benefits within it, for example, increased muscle mass means a faster metabolism, stronger connective tissue and supporting muscles decreasing the chance of injury and for some people, more aesthetically pleasing which can increase self-confidence and happiness.

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A fine line between pleasure and weight gain

The size of your brain’s pleasure and reward processing sensors could be behind increased body fat in adolescents and potentially obesity later in life, new research by Monash University has found.

Published in Nature Scientific Reports on last month, the study results showed there was a strong link between body fat and size of the nucleus accumbens (NAcc) – also known as the ‘pleasure centre’ of the brain – in adolescents.

An individual’s body fat percentage was also found to correlate with the size of their medial orbitofrontal cortex (OFC) – a region at the front of the brain that is involved in reward processing of food cues.
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Chris Hemsworth – New Global Brand Ambassador for Swisse

Swisse Wellness, Australia’s No.1 Brand in Vitamins and Supplements, announces today a global partnership with international actor Chris Hemsworth as its newest Global Brand Ambassador.

“The brand and our regional marketing teams across the world are truly excited about partnering with Chris who is a perfect complement to the Swisse brand,” said Severine Brichard-Rooney, H&H Group Global Director of Marketing.  “Chris is authentic and truly committed to living the quintessential Australian healthy lifestyle.  Wellness is already such an important part of his life with a strong connection to nature which is at the heart of Swisse.   “At Swisse, we are passionately dedicated to making millions of people around the world healthier and happier. Chris is an example of what we stand for and will help inspire our communities to do so with the active lifestyle he embodies.

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10 ways to keep those New Year’s Resolutions on track

It’s that time of year again. You’re ready to change your ways, turn over a new leaf, and actually conquer your resolutions — yeah, never mind all that.   You’ve jumped on the scales and you’re wondering how that extra zero got there, the buttons are popping off your favorite jeans you’ve got new cheek folds in those photos that you’ve just been tagged in from the annual work party do!   Getting back on track for Summer is not all that daunting! Continue reading 10 ways to keep those New Year’s Resolutions on track