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Happy World Salmon Day!

If you didn’t know already,, World Salmon Day is tomorrow!  As we know Salmon is a superfood filled with a huge range of nutrients and what better way to celebrate such a wonderful food source than on World  Salmon Day.    I have however seen recently some interesting news from the Australian salmon producer Tassal, which has informed us and found that while the fish is a popular choice for Australian consumers, almost three quarters (71%) of the nation lack awareness on how to best cook it.

Pretty crazy stuff!   Lucky for us, and me, of course haha, Tassal has taken up the challenge In a mission to champion Australia’s love for the superfood.  They’ve  has also teamed up with leading nutritionist Susie Burrell to highlight how easy it is to prepare salmon for different meals of the day, while also championing the unknown benefits of eating salmon – and why it is known for being so super. 
“Fueling my family with the right foods is a key part of my role as a mum and salmon is one of the most nutrient-dense options available.  It’s one of the richest sources of omega-3 fats, its high in protein and contains Vitamin D, Vitamin E and a range of B group vitamins and antioxidants. ” she says,  “There are a few foods that offer so many key nutrients in a single-serve, which is why salmon is frequently referred to as ‘brain food’!  Omega-3 fatty acids in particular provide a multitude of benefits throughout the body.”

Despite 61% of Australians seeing salmon as a healthy and nutritious meal option,
research has shown that Aussies on average know only 2 salmon-based recipes, compared to 7 chicken and 5 beef.

With Aussies struggling to know what to do with salmon in the kitchen to take advantage of its health-boosting abilities, Tassal is commandeering a new routine to make it easier than ever for families to have the confidence to cook it.
Aussies are being encouraged to embrace the ‘5 + 5 = salmon made super’ routine – an easy and efficient method where a fillet of salmon is grilled on each side for five minutes before being served.

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September Movie Guide

Screen Shot 2019-09-03 at 3.38.15 PM.png

Last month’s new blockbuster movie releases are still making waves with this past weekend seeing The Lion King, Fast & Furious’ spin-off, Hobbs & Shaw and Spider-Man, all maintaining a spot in the top 10 movies smashing the box office!   Angel has Fallen, though down 44.6% on last week, still managed to retain number 1 spots bringing its gross total takings to a whopping USD$11,842,000 (AUD$17,643,312) blowing everyone out of the water!   

So how’s Spring at the flicks looking you ask?   
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Korean, Russian, Latin, Greek, Italian & Jewish movie lover? International Film Festival season starts now!

Movie lovers are in for a treat with a never ending tour of international film festivals taking place now and continuing through the Spring.  Film festivals such as the ones listed below are a critical link in the chain of global film culture.   They encourage great breadth and variety in views, critical thinking on difficult topics, exploring new cultures and creative diversity elevating the moving image and celebrating it in all its guises.

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Taste of Tasmania

Commemorating 30 years, The Taste of Tasmania unveiled its largest ever program of stallholders and free entertainment including live music, circus and street entertainment, activities for children and the whole family as well as reserved seating for those wanting a guaranteed prime position in the heart of Hobart’s stunning waterfront!

Taste of Tasmania.003

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Sleeping With The Fairy Penguins – Bicheno Tasmania

Bicheno, the jewel of Tasmania’s East Coast, situated north of the Freycinet Peninsula, is a picturesque seaside town famous for its sandy beaches, mild climate and its penguin residents.  There’s plenty to do  there with scenic walks to Rocking Rock, the Blowhole and along the sandbar to Diamond Island Nature Reserve.  The Governor Island Marine Reserve has some of the best diving spots in Australia, with kelp-covered reefs and spectacular sponge gardens.


For foodies, there’s a bounty of fresh seafood in this fishing town, from crayfish, abalone to delicious Australian salmon. The Farm Shed in the centre of town stocks a good range of East Coast wines and other local delights to sample.

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Mures Tasmania wins 2 national restaurant awards

The 2017 Savour Australia™ Restaurant & Catering Hostplus National Awards for Excellence, celebrating the achievements of Australia’s finest hospitality businesses, were held at Melbourne’s Peninsula yesterday, 30 October 2017.

Mures Tasmania were honoured as recipients of two National Awards

Mures Upper Deck, Seafood Restaurant – Formal (SILVER)

PEARL + CO, Café Dining (SILVER)

Owners and Restaurant and Catering Australia (R&CA) members, Will Mure and Jude Mure were present to accept the awards and said “We are very pleased and humbled to be honoured with these awards by this panel of industry influencers who understand the challenges and opportunities facing businesses today.

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