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Explore, Dream, Discover: Lola Perrin, Features Editor (UK & Europe)

Lola Perrin, Features Editor (UK & Europe)
Location: London, United Kingdom


Lola Perrin has 5 years experience in Entertainment and Fashion PR, nominated twice for Australian Cosmopolitan Women of the Year and is an accomplished athlete representing Australian state level competitions in Australian Football League, Soccer and BMX.  She’s an accomplished writer with a portfolio across Dining, Entertainment and Arts, sharing her expertise in shaping our publication.

As the lead and local contact for our UK and European partners, Lola plays a pivotal role at Milan, London, Paris Fashion Weeks, Leicester Square movie premiere coverage, the vibrant west end theatre scene and european travel destinations.   She’s the embodiment of the thrillseeking and action packed story that constitutes a major part of our search for the next rush through her versatility,  humour, eagerness to experience and ability to adapt.

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Movement, Mindset, Community: Chris Walker, our Health & Fitness Editor

Chris Walker, Health & Fitness Editor

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What makes Chris Walker different is his approach. He focuses on correcting movement patterns, from stability, mobility and motor control.

“It’s all about creating a stronger foundation for life” he says.
Chris enjoys anything active –  from hiking, to kettlebell flows and barbell training, he embraces all types of training that challenges and strengthens movement patterns.
This is at the core of his personal training program.  By correcting the body to perform better for longer, participants can expect to see improvements not only physically but mentally as well.
Established 6 years ago in Orange (Central West NSW), he successfully runs training sessions both face to face and online with a global clientele across Australia, UK and Europe.  A stint in London gave him the chance to train actors through a private studio.
June 2019 Weekend Bootcamp for Sunny Kids Charity
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Stylefiles: Runway Inspirations – Tri Anh Nguyen (Fashion & Beauty Editor)

Tri-Anh Nguyen, Fashion & Beauty Editor
Contact:  /
Booking Agent:  The Agency to Makeup Artists


Tri-Anh previously competed professionally in Ice Skating.  A regular in fashion editorial, The Next Rush draws from the insight and experience of Tri-Anh whose work has featured in industry runways and gloss covers globally.  His eye for style and expression is what he uses to lure natural beauty in the canvas of his clients.   Tri-Anh will take over coverage of all runway shows at the next season of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia in 2020 and the major shows in Paris, London and New York.   Our focus will continue to remain the same featuring emerging designers and showcases from International Fashion Week presentations throughout the year as we navigate the trends and looks of the season.

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