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12 reasons to visit Carriageworks this Sydney Festival season

All things come in threes and Carriageworks will be presenting 3 events each in dance, theatre and Australian premieres in addition to a visual arts exhibit!  Here are 12 reasons to explore the best of Sydney Festival at Carriageworks this season:
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12 things to see out West during Sydney Festival

The reach of Sydney Festival widens each year and we take a look at some of the world exclusives and unique installations on show at destination venues in the outer Western Suburbs with associate, Sydney Scoop.   A range of thrilling circus acts, cabaret and slapstick comedy set to the soundtracks of punk rock and lost soundtracks of 1930s Chinese jazz.   A thought provoking blend of rap and literature unlocks the thoughts and feelings from a Muslim-Australia perspective. Two days of action packed adrenaline rush experiences, open air orchestra and immersion into the First People’s concept of ‘deep listening’ will theme the Western Sydney cultural experience.

The complete program of events across all Western Sydney events and venues:

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9 Free Events at Sydney Festival

For those new to Sydney Festival, it’s a three week summer celebration of the city, its ideals, thoughts and community make up that draws in hundreds of thousands of people each year.   Its origins go back to the 1950s Waratah Festival which was hosted in the Spring.  The earlier advents of Sydney Festival included vintage car rallies, face painting, kite flying to bocce, dog obedience trials and Chinese scarf dancing.  The 1980s saw the breakout of a riot when profitability and artistic credibility were brought into question.   Today the staging area of venues extends throughout the CBD out to the Western Suburb showgrounds, Eastern Suburb and South premiering international and local productions exploring subject matter through celebration, commemoration and social awareness.

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