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The music of Hamilton

It’s one of the most creative pieces in the world of musical theatre.   Hamilton won’t be coming to Australian stages until 2021, six years after its original Broadway debut.   It’s truly a groundbreaking piece of theatre that removes itself from the sometimes homogenous scene of predictable casting and crowd pleasing ticket sellers that are all too often imported from Broadway and the West End.

If there’s anything missing from the Australian theatre scene this could be the production that unlocks and changes the rationale behind casting, original works and musical theatre as a whole, if executed with the cultural precision it needs.

The uniqueness of this production tells the story of American founding father, Alexander Hamilton set to a score of rap and hip hop derived from a historical biography.


Hornsby Musical Society ends the 2019 season on a high

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Editor: Rebecca Varidel


Hornsby Musical Society resuscitate a 1949 classic frame tale in a comedic battle of man and woman against the interweaved backdrop of Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew. 

Kiss Me Kate shows an outdatedness of ideas when it comes to its depiction of a woman’s desirability based on her worth in being married off by the patriarch, yet the ravishingly festive score demonstrates a timelessness in reasserting its reputation as a Broadway classic.   

The curtains are drawn quite selectively during scene changes with Brendan Flanagan (music director), Evan Jones (lighting director) and Loud and Clear (sound designer) workinging a beautiful flow of transitions which for the most part on an open stage.

Grant Leslie Photography
Grant Leslie Photography – Hornsby Musical Society – Kiss Me Kate

There are so many themes at play for today’s audience to unpack which adds to the intriguing complexity of this comedy.  Much of its success carried by the leads Freshwater local, James Cullen (Fred Graham) and Epping resident, Amy Neville (Lilli Vanessi) who portray a passionate backstage rivalry amongst all the backstage chaos of the show within a show.  The explosive chemistry also encourage the brutality in the sense which deliciously but dangerously adds to the comedy.  Their love hate relationship is about to come to blows until fate steps in through a forged IOU signed under Fred’s name to a mobster group who forces Lilli to continue in the show she wants to leave.  The outrageous plot is layered with the effects this relationship has on the people around them.

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Oldest theatre in NSW revived

With Century Venues set to lodge a development application with the City of Newcastle for revival of the State’s oldest standing theatre, Victoria Theatre, the call has been made for the private sector, government and community to collaborate on delivery of significant cultural infrastructure in NSW.  The development application details a complete and historically sympathetic refurbishment of the magnificent State Heritage listed Victoria Theatre in the heart of Newcastle and dates back to 1891.

“Now is the time for public and private entities to come together and accelerate progress towards full revival of the oldest theatre in the state: The Mighty Victoria,” said Executive Director Greg Khoury from Century Venues. “Compared to the investment required to build from scratch a facility of this scale, offering up to 1,000 capacity, the revival of The Victoria is incredible value requiring an estimated $11.5 million in capital works.  While Century’s acquisition of the building means it is secure, the theatre has a long way to go before becoming an operational live performance venue.  Once restored, the building will not need ongoing operational subsidy and Century has the experience necessary to operate it as a viable theatre for the people of Newcastle,” concluded Mr Khoury.

Rolling Thunder Vietnam – Songs that defined a generation

The sensational Australian concert drama Rolling Thunder Vietnam – Songs That Defined A Generation returns for a strictly-limited tour in March-April 2020, including the Queensland Performing Arts Centre [QPAC] in Brisbane, Hamer Hall in Melbourne and the new Coliseum Theatre in Western Sydney.

The powerful production, comprising brilliant songs, stunning video footage and an emotive story, has become one of the most talked about musical and theatrical events since its world premiere in 2014.  It is a vibrant and stirring show with humanity and heart.

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Perth’s Pop-Up Globe: 350 years in the making

The first Globe was built in 1599 on the South Bank of the River Thames.  It stood for just fourteen years until, during a performance of Henry VIII on 28 June 1613, a cannon used in the play set fire to its thatched roof and burnt the playhouse to the ground.

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Bring it on:  High energy pom pom squads of sass and camp explode on stage! (Review)

Run Time: 119minutes (Opening Night) – 20 mins Interval
Joseph Lloyd on assignment for Sydney Scoop / Editor: Rebecca Varidel
Photographer: Jasmine & Nico Keenan


Opening last Thursday night, Bring it On the Musical ends its tour from Melbourne and Perth saving the best for last in the two week short run Sydney season running until 8 September.

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