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(Last Updated January 3, 2022)

Total Unique Visitors:
20,461 (2019), 23,100 (2020), 38,139 (2020).

Site Statistics:

In 2021, 271 articles were published (down 32% from the previous year) but experienced an increase of 15,000 unique visitors (up 40%)
– reviews, interviews, news editorial, advertorial

38,139 unique visitors with a crawl depth of 1.39
1752 followers and subscribers

The next rush reader is
outgoing, sociable and active

The most read articles
were destination pop up events and experiences, movie, television and theatre reviews were more popular than dining reviews, however four times more people were interested in reading chef profiles, recipes or interviews around events and new releases.

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Fashion and Health were more popular than Technology and Motoring while free events and Entertainment were seven times more likely to be read or clicked on.

The most downloaded items
were maps and event guides,
with readers five times more likely to click through than a ticket purchase link.

The most watched videos
were of fashion runway shows and launch events. Readers were more receptive to long format featurettes rather than movie trailers.

Click thru rates
for ticketed events & information links in articles range from 4%-31%.

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Editorial Philosophy:

The Next Rush is a hyper-local independent city publication that serves to put the spotlight on the people and activities in our communities that may have been missed by the mainstream.

Our curation of stories serves 5 core mandates:
Independent news articles written under a collective voice,
with select opinion pieces
Topicality of events
Expression of ideas, challenging conventional notions
of experience and social constructs
Spotlight on members, businesses and initiatives in our community…

From thought provoking stories of independent film, to original theatre works and locally produced music, to story presentation across multiple formats, peer reviewed works characterising trends and motivation and material expressions of lifestyle – how we interact with these ideas, shapes us as people. In turn, defines the language and consciousness of our culture. It’s an ongoing search for the next rush which can only be successfully achieved by having fun while on that journey.

The next rush reader values
lifestyle products / services and leisure activities

 Cross-Channel Reach:

Trending events, pop culture news, independent and/or local Australian entertainment are highly sought after. The Next Rush (TNR) Instagram audience has a preference for food and events, while Facebook TNR audiences are interested in family focused, entertainment and action packed activities. Linkedin TNR readers prefer news on technology, premium luxury goods, destination events and workplace social science research. Twitter TNR interests are community driven and people focused, responding to personality profiles or popular culture news of the day.


Socials & Peer Review:

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Members of our Songwriters Lounge include independent songwriters, vocalists, bands, music promoters and venue operators and is an extension to our Music pages. Each month, artists are asked to submit their new music for inclusion in our Spotify playlists to Jordan Vincent.

For talent management firms, podcast interviews are now also available in collaboration with the TravelFit podcast, “In Progress”. Interviews with Chris range from local entrepreneurs to international celebrities as he unpacks the formula for success with a focus on Travel, Health, Fitness and a positive mindset to actualise optimal self development. Programs also appear in our Health section articles.

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TV & Film Ratings from our Entertainment review articles are awarded on IMDB only.

Follow FB

The core demographic in this segment are females 25-44*

and is a video only extension to The Next Rush Magazine articles across Dining, Entertainment, Experience and Motoring. Event listings are also collated here weekly on request.

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31.9% of incoming traffic through Google & Other search engines

105 articles appear in the top 20 listings of a Google Search
59.38% of all articles appear organically within
the second and third pages of Google search engine results pages

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2648 Photo Uploads / 22 million views since 2018 on Google Maps

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Zomato: 1158 Followers*



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1114 Connections*
The core demographic in this segment are 35-55 working professionals
67% are university educated / 9% with a masters degree
27% in a managerial or senior level position

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Email alerts advising of new daily posts are sent directly to the inbox of subscribers who have opted it through the homepage. TNR does not capture or hold this data.

Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast

Entertainment & Leisure / Sydney Features:
Joseph Lloyd

Chris, Australian Press Agency
Getty Images Photography Agent
Shutterstock Lic 51695

Videos and Reviews shared on the grounds of fair use with appropriate credits for educational purposes

Health & Fitness / Brisbane & Sunshine Coast Lifestyle:
Chris Walker

Features Writer
Fernanda Nemetala (Brisbane & Gold Coast, QLD)

Lifestyle Editor:
Christopher Haggarty

Music /
Melbourne Lifestyle:
Jordan Vincent

Media Planning & Buying

Programmatic Advertising

With thanks to our freelance writers, contributors, consultants, collaborators and friends
past and present:

Fashion & Beauty: Tri-Anh Nguyen (Sydney, NSW, Melbourne, VIC)
Features Editor (UK & Europe): Lola Perrin (London, United Kingdom)
Features Editor (Japan): Kat Stavrou (Tokyo, Japan)
Dining & Cooking: Anita Munoz
EMAIL: firstname@thenextrushmagazine.com

Victoria Tan, Richard Galea,
Joanna Zhang, Justine D., Jordan Spears,
Zain Mitchlan, Rebeccah Santos,
Casey Costelloe, Henrik Nordhus, Tyler Taylor, Alan Zurvas.
Cameron Bostock, Mariel

Universal Pictures, Paramount Pictures, Feld Entertainment, Buena Vista International, Event Cinemas, Cirque du Soleil, General Motors, Porsche,
Australian Institute of Sport, Monash University, University of New South Wales,
IMG, Stanton & Co. Photography, Netflix Australia, Destination NSW, Crown Melbourne, Football Federation, Warner Bros., Sony Pictures, Korean Cultural Centre Sydney, Rydges Hotels & Resorts, Singapore Airlines, Tourism Western Australia, UFC, Qantas Airways, Hour Group.

Jennifer Gail – Sweet & Yummie
Rebecca Varidel – Sydney Scoop
Oliver Russell-Cowan – RAD Season
Dan J. Kroll – Soap Central
Kurt & Sarah Charles – The Where To


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