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7 favorite dishes at Pepperseeds, Broadway

It was one of the standouts that changed perceptions of food court eateries back in the day.  It was the newer younger sister site to the Balmain establishment and the portions, quality of dishes and overall configuration of the complex makes you forget you’re in a shopping mall food court.  Management said they’er able to pass on savings to customers as they have a very good relationship with their supplier who source ingredients for both restaurants. The portion sizes are quite generous, with prices of their premium dishes approximately 25-30% less than a standard casual restaurant in the area.

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Malacca Straits on Broadway: Mobile office at the Quadrant

A total fan with its central location, encased in the Broadway quadrant makes this particular venue a favorite to work at when on the road.   It was originally the Pandan dessert ($10) that got my attention.   The Beef Rendang is perfectly how I like it ($16.80 ) and it’s the third one in the area sampled this week which is so far hands down one of the memorable ones.  If your’e entertaining clients over an infomal meeting or feel the need to get something to base your office there for the day guilt free $6 a pop for both the young coconut juice or mixed entree.
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Hangover Basics: Duck & Dumplings

Pounding headaches and parched throats are a small price to pay for a memorable and epic weekend of shenanigans one must never speak of.  The light at the end of the tunnel as you climb over that random who’s name you’ve forgotten is the recovery spot/s you’ve found along the way, that bring you back to life.  That colossal breakfast that lifts you from the depths of hell or that late late late lunch you dive straight into head first as your body screams for sustenance AFTER the earth has spun away from the sun!

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Top 10 Sydney NYE Destinations

Australia is one of the first in the world to toast in the new year.  More than a billion people globally tune in to the LIVE broadcast of our world class pyrotechnic shows.  The City of Sydney is brought to a standstill in a spectacle of daytime aerial shows, a parade of harbour lights, finally culminating in a multimillion dollar sky flaring art display that is powered by over 8 tonnes of fireworks.   Continue reading Top 10 Sydney NYE Destinations