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How to maximise your feast potential for less than $100 bucks

The secret to maximising that green plastic note is to choose three main combo meals , ditcht he salad options and accessories your hero beef rice bowl, ramen and katsu curry with sides like taykoyaki, gyoza and sashimi.   This allows you to alternate between proteins, switch modes between textures and mix and match your bites for maximum foodgasmic impact.

Total spend: $97
Total dishes: 10
Total average spend per dish = you do the math

Menya Noodle Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


What $15 gets you at Sussex Centre these days

It’s a backpacker’s dream, it’s much needed relief for the student and its a quality option for the city worker and prisoners of mortgage repayments.   It’s THE food court to end all food courts that sits somewhere in between shopping mall quickie and casual dining because of its location and because of the cuisines it serves.   Take a hike Maccas, KFC, Oporto’s and Pizza Hut, there’s no room for you here…

Portion sizes seem to be bigger, its a no frills choice that presents restaurant like quality at food court prices without obviously cutting corners and its a formula that’s turned this venue into an icon in the Chinatown and Sydney markets experience with many food service owners outlasting so many over the decades.

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